Best Cold Weather Golf Balls

Best Cold Weather Golf Balls 2024 (Top Rated Winter Golf Balls)

Playing golf in winter means cold balls. However, the cold golf balls caused by the freezing conditions need not affect your enjoyment. Playing golf in lower temperatures can be fun if you have the right balls (golf, and otherwise), and this review will showcase the best winter golf balls available on the market in 2024.

In a hurry? The best cold weather golf balls are the Titleist Pro V1, the Callaway Supersoft, and the Bridgestone E6 Yellow. All of these balls offer high levels of feel, needed when you have cold hands. Also, their softness will reduce the hardness of the ball caused by the freezing weather.

Best Winter Golf Balls: Quick Comparison

Winner Titleist Pro V1
  • 90 Compression
  • Long
  • Excellent Feel
  • 352 Dimples
  • White / Yellow
  • Premium
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Runner Up Callaway SuperSoft
  • 38 Compression
  • Long
  • Soft Feel
  • Hex Aerodynamics
  • Many Colors
  • Standard
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Value For Money Bridgestone e6
  • 44 Compression
  • Long
  • Soft Feel
  • Delta Dimples
  • White / Yellow
  • Value
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Best Distance in Cold Titleist Velocity
  • 100 Compression
  • Very Long
  • Low Feel
  • Spherical Dimple
  • Many Colors
  • Standard
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Cheap Winter Golf Ball Wilson Staff 50 Elite
  • 50 Compression
  • Long
  • Soft Feel
  • Shallow Dimples
  • Many Colors
  • Vallue
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Bonus Golf Ball Warmer
  • Keeps balls warm
  • Affordable
  • Funny
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Best Cold Weather Golf Balls 2024: Reviews 

1. Titleist Pro V1

The Best Golf Ball. Period.

The Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x are widely recognized as the best golf ball on the market, and the lower compression Pro V1 is the best ball available for winter golf.

It has a very soft feel, which is perfect for the low temperatures of winter.

Additionally, it will still fly long, high, and with low spin rates, which means it will stay straighter in the strong winter winds.

This is useful as golf balls tend to fly slightly higher in cold weather, so will be more affected by the wind.

Distance is a factor, as cold golf balls do not fly as far. The Pro V1 is, however, well-known as a golf ball that provides excellent distance, as the 4-piece construction provides distance used by the pros as well as feel.

The soft feel and advanced make-up of the ball mean that you will notice high-spin rates around the greens, making it easier to control on the harder, or even semi-frozen compacted turf.

The Pro V1 is now available in yellow too, which will improve visibility for those who struggle to see white balls against dull gray skies.

This will provide more confidence, and also reduce times when searching for the ball in the rough.

Overall, this is an excellent golf ball for all weathers and the perfect one for winter golf.


  • Long Distance
  • Exceptional Feel around the greens
  • Available in Yellow


  • Quite expensive

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2. Callaway Supersoft

Best of the Rest

The Callaway Supersoft is a low compression golf ball that promotes increased ball speed and therefore distance.

In colder temperatures, the low compression means that the ball will still feel soft on the clubface, so less stingers through your fingers.

Low compression also equates to less spin, but the softness means that the golfer can control the ball around the green.

Added to the ball speed is distance gained by the unique HEX aerodynamics. These reduce drag and the effect of the wind on the ball, whilst increasing loft so the ball lands softer on harder greens and fairways.

Therefore, the Supersoft is both long and straight, meaning you will spend less time looking for your ball in the rough.

Finally, the Supersoft is available in a range of colors, with traditional white, luminous yellow, orange, and even pink available.

It could also be available in the unique TruVis pattern if you shop around, which has a range of different colors available.


  • Low Compression 
  • Long Distance
  • Soft Feel around the Green


  • High flight not ideal in high winds

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3. Bridgestone E6 Yellow

Best Value for Money

The Bridgestone E6 Yellow golf ball is a well-made and consistent golf ball that is ideal for play in the cold winter months.

Firstly, it is great value, so, if you lose some in the inconsistent weather and ground conditions, you won’t mind too much.

Secondly, they are yellow, so easy to see against grey or dark clouds or low-level light. 

The actual performance is excellent, with the lower compression perfect for frozen fingers.

The e6 is a distance golf ball but it also offers a nice, soft feel around the greens. The “delta” dimples smooth the air resistance and lower the flight, so the ball will lose less distance by traveling upwards and also be less affected by the wind.

Bridgestone is the golf ball brand used by Tiger Woods amongst others, and the Bridgestone e6 is as high performance as you would expect in that company.

It is an excellent winter golf ball that is available at a low price. 


  • Great Value
  • Long Distance


  • Low ball flight can reduce the distance

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4. Titleist Velocity 

Best for Distance in the Cold

The Titleist Velocity is from Titleist’s more affordable range of golf balls, but it is still a high-quality and well-engineered golf ball.

More importantly, it is an excellent choice for winter golf as it is a distance golf ball that fairs well in wetter conditions.

This will enable golfers who are wrapped up against the cold to maintain their summer distance levels despite their lack of movement.

Although the Velocity is a distance ball in many respects, it performed well around and on the putting green, even in winter.

Also, its softness means that off-center strikes will travel further, but the tester did not report sore hands despite the harder feel. 

As with the other Titleist balls tested, the Velocity is available in luminous yellow, but unlike the Pro V1, it is not expensive.

This means that you will not fear losing them in the bad weather or wet, matted rough that can be prominent in the winter months.

Overall, the Titleist Velocity is a top-level winter golf ball from the most popular golf ball manufacturer. A great choice for all golfers determined to have fun in the cold.


  • Very long distances
  • Good value


  • Not as much feel as others

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5. Wilson Staff 50 Elite

Cheap Winter Golf Ball

Wilson are one of the longest established golf ball manufacturers in the business, and the Wilson Staff is one of the great golf ball brands.

The latest iteration of the ball is the WS 50 Elite, with the 50 referring to the compression level of the ball.

As with the other golf balls suggested above, this lower compression golf ball is ideal for freezing temperatures as it offers long distances combined with a soft feel.

This is near essential during winter when the less vibrations you have going through your cold hands the better.

The 50 Elite includes an advanced rubber core that provides distance and excellent greenside feel.

The low spin levels generated are well-suited to inclement weather conditions, as spin and wind are a poor combination. The cover is both durable and responsive, so it will withstand the conditions but provide the touch you need.

Available in both white and yellow, the WS 50 Elite does what Wilson Staff balls have done for decades.

It provides a high-quality golf ball at a reasonable price, and it happens that it is perfectly suited to golf in colder weather. 


  • Good Distance
  • Responsive Cover


  • Lacking in Technology

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6. Golf Ball Warmer


Cold balls can be a problem, and this fun but functional golf ball warmer provides a solution. You can use it to keep warm your winter golf balls or even use it for your normal golf balls in the freezing cold.

The MySack golf ball warmer can hold 2 golf balls and suggest using 3 balls in rotation so that a warm ball is always in play. 

Warm golf balls will fly further and react differently than cold ones, and this ultra-suede product will ensure whatever ball you decide to play with is kept at the right temperature.

It is easily attachable to a belt or golf bag and will offer amusement and a conversation point throughout your round.

It will also keep dirt and cold balls away from your pockets, which is a bonus on cold and wet days.

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Winter Golf Ball review


Golf in winter can be a drag, with the cold air, rain, wet or hard ground, and gray skies making the greatest game on earth somewhat miserable.

You don’t want to add to your woes by playing with a golf ball unsuited to the cold, as it will affect your scores and also your fingers if you hit it a little bit thin.

The balls reviewed above are all high-quality products from established brands, and they will all increase your enjoyment.

They will do this by offering longer distance, straighter drives, good feel around the greens, and shots that are less affected by wind.

Also, if you buy a yellow or another colored ball then the visibility will be enhanced too. 

Overall, the Titleist Pro V1 is the best cold weather golf ball in 2024, but it is a premium golf ball and not suitable for people on the budget.

If so, the other options, such as the Callaway Supersoft or Bridgestone e6 are excellent low compression winter golf balls, or if you want a harder ball for wet conditions, the Titleist Velocity is a good choice.

You might also want to get that funny golf ball warmer to help you keep the balls warm. 

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