Best Counterbalanced Putter 2019 & 2020: Reviews (Pros and Cons)

Anchoring either a belly or long putter against any upper part of your body for support when trying to shoot the ball towards the hole was prohibited a few years ago which is why you would want to use a counterbalanced putter instead of a conventional one. But what are the best counterbalanced putters? And what are the pros and cons of counterbalanced putters?

We’ve worked hard and put together this article to help you choose the right counterbalanced putter that you can use to make more stable shots on the green. Can’t be bothered to read the whole article? Below are the…

Top rated counterbalanced putters 2019 & 2020

  1. Winner: Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Versa
  2. Runner-Up: TaylorMade OS CB
  3. Honorable Third Place: Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin Elevado Putter
  4. Budget Counter Balanced Putter: Wilson Staff Infinite
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Best Counterbalanced Putter 2019 & 2020: Reviews

With almost every golf club manufacturer releasing a counterbalanced putter ever since the enforced ban on anchoring a club, choosing the right one that’s suitable for you can prove to be a bit of a challenge.

Thankfully, three counterbalanced putters that are being offered to golfers looking for a club that they can use to make putts without resorting to anchoring have been rounded up for your convenience and reviewed as follows:

1. Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Versa Putter


Odyssey is one of the best putter manufacturers in golf.

Odyssey designs and manufactures a wide variety of putters that differ in shapes and sizes, but one of their best current putters is the Stroke Lab Double Wide Versa putter. 

The Stroke Lab Double Wide Versa putter is a counterbalanced blade shaped putter that is packed with all of Odyssey’s latest technology. 


  • Odyssey is one of the best putter manufacturers in golf. 
  • The Double Wide Versa putter features Odyssey’s new Stroke Lab technology, this technology ensures that weight is optimally distributed in the multi-material shaft of the putter.
  • The Stroke Lab shaft of this putter is stiffer than regular putter shafts and has lower torque which ensures better control over the heavier head of this counterbalanced putter.
  • The Double Wide Versa offers exceptional feel at impact thanks to its Microhinge face insert.
  • Adjustable weights are located in both the putter head and grip of the putter which allows for a customized setup. 


  • The Double Wide Versa Putter features an above-average price tag 
  • Not all golfers will enjoy the black finish of this putter 

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2. TaylorMade Big Red OS CB


TaylorMade may be more well-known for its range of drivers to the point that they even market themselves as the “#1 driver in golf”.

However, the said golf club manufacturer doesn’t only produce high-quality drivers as they’ve also been making putters for quite some time already, their counterbalanced offering being the OS CB.

In case you’re wondering, OS CB stands for oversized and counterbalanced.

Compared to its OS cousins in TaylorMade’s whole range of oversized putters, the OS CB has a darker finish.


  • The TaylorMade OS CB putter comes in three models, namely the Daytona, Monte Carlo, and Spider. The OS CB Daytona model is linked above because of its slim width and simple design. But if you prefer your counterbalanced putter that’s a bit wider, you can go for either the Monte Carlo or the Spider instead with the latter being the bulkiest among the three OS CB models.
  • Compared to most other putters with their black and white raised alignment markers, that of the TaylorMade OS CB comes in red and white which makes it very easy for you to see if the ball is perfectly aligned with the putter itself.


  • Your wrists might initially stiffen once you hit the golf ball with the TaylorMade OS CB putter which would then make your entire shot go a bit too far right instead of straight through the hole.
  • You may also not be able to make consistently good shots with the TaylorMade OS CB putter given its unpredictable nature as an oversized golf club.

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3. Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin Elevado Putter

Honorable Third Place

Cleveland is renowned for their industry-leading wedge designs, but their putter designs are equally impressive.

Cleveland utilizes their signature wedge milling techniques in their putter designs and this delivers exceptional results. 

The TFI 2135 Satin Elevado counterbalance putter is a hidden gem.

This high-quality putter features a sleek look, an industry-leading design, and it retails at a very affordable price point. 


  •  Cleveland is a reputable name in the golf equipment industry. 
  • The TFI 2135 Satin Elevado features an optimized milled putter face that promotes exceptional forgiveness on both center and off center strikes. 
  • The TFI 2135 Satin Elevado features a soft Polymer TPU insert that dampens vibrations and enhances feel at impact.  
  • The high contrast sight line of the TFI 2135 Satin Elevado ensures that this putter is very easy to line-up. 
  • The counterbalanced design ensures a smooth, balanced stroke 
  • The TFI 2135 Satin Elevado retails at a very affordable price point 


  • Cleveland isn’t known for their putter designs 
  • The TFI 2135 Satin Elevado is only available in a right-handed option 

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4. Wilson Staff Infinite Bucktown Putter 

Budget Counterbalanced Putter

Wilson is a leading sporting goods manufacturer.

Not many golfers are aware of the fact that Wilson used to be one of the leading golf manufacturers back in the mid 90’s.

Wilson is in the process of rejuvenating their golf equipment offering and some of their current ranges offer exceptional value for money. 

The Infinite range of putters will hold its own against any putter on the market and the Infinite Bucktown counterbalanced putter in particular is exceptional and deserves to be in the list of the best counterbalanced putters in 2019 and 2020. 


  • The Infinite Bucktown is one of Wilson’s latest releases and it is packed with industry leading technology.
  • The Infinite Bucktown features a double milled face that promotes great feel, consistent roll and exceptional distance control. 
  • The counterbalanced setup of the Infinite Bucktown moves the balance point of the putter towards the hands of the player which ensures added control during your stroke.  
  • The dark finish of the Infinite Bucktown limits glare and it highlights the white alignment lines on the putter head. 
  • The Infinite Bucktown retails at a very affordable price tag. 


  • Wilson isn’t a reputable name amongst the younger generation of golfers. 
  • Traditionalists might not enjoy the bulky putter head of the Infinite Bucktown. 

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Pros and Cons of Counterbalanced Putters 


  • Counterbalanced putters reduce wrist action which ensures a smooth, fluid putting stroke. 
  • Another pro is that they promote good rhythm and balance throughout your putting stroke which ensures a consistent strike and distance control. 
  • Counterbalanced putters are a great alternative for belly putters that were banned a couple of years ago.


  • Not all golfers enjoy the added overall weight of a counterbalanced putter.  
  • Counterbalanced putters feature bigger/oversize grips, players that prefer the feel of a traditional grip find it as a con because they may struggle to adjust to a bigger grip.

What Is A Counterbalanced Putter

Counterbalanced putters are a recent innovation in the world of golf as players used to anchor either a belly or long putter against any upper part of their body so that the club wouldn’t swing too wildly once they make a putt.

  • The belly putter even got its name as it was intended to be anchored against a player’s stomach.
  • The shafts of both belly and long putters are at least 6 inches longer or more than that of a normal one which makes them suitable for making anchored putting strokes.
  • However, both the United States Golf Association and The R&A announced in May 2013 that anchoring a club while making a stroke on the green isn’t allowed anymore. Thus, golf club manufacturers had to come with an alternative to both belly and long putters by starting to make counterbalanced ones.
  • You can still use a belly or long putter to hit the golf ball towards the hole as long as you swing the club itself away from any upper part of your body as you would a conventional putter.

What Makes a Counterbalanced Putter Different from a Conventional One?

Compared to a conventional putter, a counterbalanced one has more weight designed to give you more stability and control whenever you have to make the golf ball roll along the green until it shoots straight down the hole.

  • The head of a counterbalanced putter is usually heavier by at least 50 grams or more than that of a conventional one.
  • As the weight of counterbalanced putter’s head becomes increased, it only follows that the weight of the club’s shaft should be increased too by making it longer than that of a conventional one, adding some grams to the end of the shaft, or both.
  • A counterbalanced putter also has a slightly heavier grip so that a golfer’s tendency to rotate their hands while making a putt can be controlled.
  • Counterbalanced putters are also designed to help other golfers with trembling hands and uncontrollable swings so that they can do shots on the green with ease.


So, what’s the best counterbalance putter in 2019 & 2020?

If you want to achieve stable putting strokes every time without resorting to anchoring, you would have to get yourself the right counterbalanced putter.

After reviewing the best counterbalanced putters available in the market in 2019 and 2020, the Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Versa emerged as the best one with its exceptional balance and Microhinge face insert which promises both exceptional feel, stability and distance control. 

The TaylorMade OS CB  trailed behind in second place with its distinctive red and white alignment marker and three different models for you to choose from should you ever decide to pick it up instead of the Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Versa. 

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