Best Tips for Beginner Golfers (Funny)

Golf is very difficult for most first time players, but everyone has to start somewhere. If you are brave enough to want to learn how to play golf then you will need all the help that you can get. Golf will bring out both the good and bad in you, don’t be that person that gets defeated by the game on your first try. Instead of getting frustrated if you fail at first, read through these funny golf tips for beginners, they might just inspire you to keep on trying. And if these tips don’t help you then at least you will have some wisdom to share with future golf victims.

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Take lots of golf balls with you

Take double the amount of golf balls with you than what you initially planned on taking. Don’t worry about your bag being too heavy, you will lose most of the balls on the first few holes.

Don’t take golf or yourself too seriously

Accept that you suck at it before you start playing, instead try to enjoy a nice day outdoors. If you want to enjoy your experience, don’t have any expectations. Most people are just as bad as you are when they start, or even worse (one can hope).

Keep your head down

You’ve probably heard that you should keep your head down from experienced golfers. That isn’t entirely true, you don’t really need to keep your head down. They are probably just saying that so that they can laugh at you without you noticing it. It will be better for your confidence if you don’t see them laugh at you, or to not see where your bad shot ends up. With that being said, it’s better to keep that head down.

Get use to hearing people say to you how boring golf is

I recommend that you agree with them and to finish the conversation as soon as possible. Don’t try to convince them otherwise, there are too many people playing golf already.

Don’t buy expensive equipment

It can be tempting to buy new shiny expensive equipment to start out with, but the truth is it won’t really improve your game at first. Using a $600 driver won’t guarantee that you hit all your expensive new golf balls down the middle of the fairway everytime.

Let out your frustration discreetly

Nobody likes to play with people that get angry and upset on the golf course. Instead of being grumpy all day out on the course, let out your frustrations. A great discreet way to do it is to hit your next shot as hard as you can. The thought of that sounds good right?

Don’t play golf with someone you can’t stand spending time with

Spending time with an enemy can be tough, spending time with them on the golf course is even worse. Always play with people whose company you enjoy.

Enjoy every second of a good shot  

Good shots can be very scarce, enjoy them when they come by, keep in mind the next shot will probably suck again.

Keep some cheap clubs handy

Cheap clubs are handy if you need to break something and not cause too much financial damage in the process. If you’re on a budget an alternative is to throw your least favourite club as far as you can, make sure to throw it into an area away from your playing partners.

It takes practice (a lot of it) to get better

Going to bed thinking.. my game feels great, i’m going to tear it up tomorrow, doesn’t guarantee that you are going to play any better than what you normally do.


It’s expensive and frustrating (it doesn’t get less frustrating with time), but the good shots feel awesome and it will keep you coming back. So if you start, be prepared that you will not want to stop.

If you are still interested in playing golf after reading these tips, good luck, because you are going to need it. Yes, golf is difficult and frustrating, but it is also one of the greatest games that you will ever have the privilege of playing. You will get to know things about yourself that you never knew before, but the best part is the lifelong friendships that you will forge on the fairways. Beating your friend that always makes fun of how bad you play is also pretty cool. If you have any tips for beginners, please share your wisdom in the comments section, they need all the help that they can get.

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  1. My best tip would be not to follow your tip about throwing clubs. Extremely immature, certainly not funny. My old boss told me that the next time I hit a bad shot to hit myself if the leg with the club. It wasn’t the club’s fault, why would I throw the club?

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