best game improvement irons all time

Best Game Improvement Irons of All Time (Most Forgiving Ever)

The equipment from yesteryear looks so small and difficult to use compared to today, and irons have seen some of the biggest changes. This review will look at the best game improvement irons of all time so you can lower your scores. Ready? Let’s get this party started.

In a hurry? The best game improvement irons of all time are dominated by well-known brands as these brands have built their success on improving people’s games. The most successful have even become part of the brand’s imaging, and so the best 3super game improvement irons of all time might be familiar to you. If you choose the Callaway XR Irons, Cleveland Launcher HB, or the TaylorMade M2 then you will find those greens much easier to hit.

*This list was updated in 2024.

Best Super Game Improvement Irons Ever: Quick Comparison

Winner Callaway XR Irons
  • Long
  • Good Feel
  • High Flight
  • Cavity
  • Composite
  • Perimeter Weighted
  • 2015
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Top Hybrid Option Of All Time Cleveland Launcher HB Irons
  • Long
  • Ok Feel
  • Very High Flight
  • Hybrid
  • Composite
  • Hollow
  • 2010’s
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Best for Low Handicap Golfers TaylorMade M2 Irons
  • Long
  • Good Feel
  • High Flight
  • Cavity
  • Composite
  • Perimeter Weighted
  • 2016
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Callaway Big Bertha Irons
  • Ok
  • Good Feel
  • High Flight
  • Cavity (can add Hybrids)
  • Composite
  • Perimeter Weights
  • 2019
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Mizuno JPX 919
  • Very Long
  • Great Feel
  • Normal Flight
  • Cavity
  • One-Piece
  • Stability Frame
  • 2020
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Best Game Improvement Irons Of All Time: Reviews

1. Callaway XR Irons

Best Overall

Callaway are one of the most reputable brands in golf, and their success has come from making the game easier.

Their XR series might not be as famous as the Big Bertha series, but the improvements it brought in in 2015 may be the best golf irons ever made and they have made many golfers happy over the last 5 years.

Using technology developed for their woods such as the Face Cup and Internal Standing Wave they have created irons that are both long and forgiving. 

The clubface is flexed and has a low center of gravity to get the ball high into the air more easily, and engineers created a hollow hosel that is both strong and removes unnecessary weight from the clubhead, meaning you can swing it fast.

Also included in the clubface is a steel-infused polyurethane layer which reduces vibrations and creates a springboard effect to propel the ball forward.

Callaway clubs are extremely well made so even though these irons might be a few years old they will still be in great condition.

The steel clubhead has a timeless design and lower center of gravity, high launch angles, long distance, and great feel will never go out of style.


  • Long and forgiving
  • High launch angle
  • Vibration stopping technology


  • Lacking a bit in feel

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2. Cleveland Launcher HB Irons

Best Hybrid Option Of All Time

The Cleveland Launcher series became Cleveland’s signature for a time, and the Launcher HB irons became known as one of the most forgiving irons ever made.

The reason for this is that every iron in the set is a hybrid, which creates a lower center of gravity for a higher ball flight (hence the name).

This is exaggerated by the Hi-Bore crown, which places more weight lower in the clubhead and less in the crown.

Also, these hybrids are hollow so they are extremely forgiving for off-center strikes.

This, combined with the ultra-thin High Strength Steel face which offers flex and distance means that the grouping of iron shots will be fairly consistent no matter where on the face you hit it.

For long irons, this means smaller misses, and for shorter irons much higher Greens in Regulation statistics.

The Cleveland Launcher HB irons are some of the most forgiving irons of all time, which combined with the classic steel and black plastic design make them very popular on resale sites.

Once you buy them, you will never let them go.


  • Ultra Forgiving
  • Create Long Distance


  • Some do not like hybrids
  • Lacking feel

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3.TaylorMade M2 Irons

Best for Low Handicap Golfers

The TaylorMade M2 irons combine advanced technology to combine metal and other materials into a very forgiving and long golf iron that is one of the best from the last 5 years.

The thin face is unsupported, which is only possible due to the quality of materials, and it creates an extremely large sweet spot to enhance good and bad strikes alike.

The design also incorporates a “speed pocket” which basically is a pocket of gas just behind the clubface that helps the clubface flex and pushes weight to the perimeter.

Therefore, clubhead speeds are higher and forgiveness greater.

The M2 irons have reduced the weight in the clubhead with some creative features, such as the L-shaped cavity back which reduces the amount of steel needed in the head, and the “thick/thin” hosel which reduces unnecessary weight in the hosel area.

In the cavity behind the clubface is lightweight but high-strength vibration dampening plastic that will reduce the impact of bad shots and make the contact feel better.

TaylorMade are renowned for the quality of their manufacturing and their M series are long-lasting and durable. This low center of gravity iron will see you hitting long and high irons on to greens quickly.


  • Large Sweet spot
  • High Tech


  • Lower ball flight
  • Newer so more expensive than others

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4. Callaway Big Bertha Irons

The Original

The Callaway Big Bertha driver revolutionized golf over 25 years ago and the brand is still used by Callaway today due to its resonance in the market for game improvement.

The newest Big Bertha irons have the same game-changing features as before, including perimeter weighting, a thin and large clubface, and an enhanced cavity back.

These features still produce consistent results from varying strike quality, allowing mid to high handicappers the chance to enjoy the game more.

The newest model from the Big Bertha series are the best ever produced as they include the patented Face Cup 360 technology and the Internal Standing Wave.

Callaway believe this is the longest game improvement iron they have ever produced.

The hollow cavity places the weight at the perimeter of the club maximizing forgiveness and creating a lower center of gravity so the launch angle is higher.

In basic terms, you will hit it higher and longer even with off-center strikes.

The Big Bertha also offer the option to switch the longer irons (2 to 7) for hybrids if you want to get even more forgiveness on longer approaches.

Overall, with its heritage, looks, and modern embellishments, this is a great option and would probably be in the top 3 if it were not for its XR stablemate.


  • The most famous game-improvement brand
  • High tech features
  • Great all-rounder


  • Flight is not overly long or high

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5. Mizuno JPX 919 

Best New Game Improvement Irons

The Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal gi irons offer an improved launch angle and a multi-thickness clubface to ensure you get both feel from good shots and consistency from the not so good ones.

As with all Mizuno irons, the design is seamless so the feel is better than the composite irons reviewed, but the JPX919 lose none of their forgiveness.

The weighting is managed and the heel of the club slightly open to create enhanced stability and forgiveness through the strike, and the sound ribs in the cavity both dampen vibrations and make a satisfying sound.

Mizuno are at the forefront of metallurgy, and the new material used here offers an astonishing distance.

Also, it means that the leading edge of short irons can be sharper so you get more options and better contact from shorter shots.

Many golfers try Mizuno once and never go anywhere else, and the new JPX series has allowed more golfers the chance to experience what Mizuno offers whilst enjoying their golf. 


  • Increased feel
  • Great distance
  • Better short iron control


  • New so more expensive

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The best super game improvement irons of all time will all improve your game dramatically if you are using standard irons, and the irons above are all excellent options.

Consider how longer irons with higher flight would help you reach and hit more greens, and how improved consistency would mean fewer visits to the rough or bunkers.

Then you will see how these will lower your scores as well as increasing your enjoyment of the game. And maybe they will help you win a little bit of money from your friends on the way too.

The winner of the best game improvement irons ever a.k.a. most forgiving irons of all time were the Callaway XR Irons. They offer everything a mid to high handicapper needs to improve their game, but all the irons above are worth looking at. Special shout out goes to Cleveland Launcher HB and TaylorMade M2.

Whatever you choose, enjoy your lowest scores ever.

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