Callaway HEX Chrome vs Chrome Soft

Callaway HEX Chrome vs Chrome Soft: Golf Ball Review & Comparison

Callaway has historically been known as one of the best golf ball manufacturers worldwide. Over the last decade, they have really upped their game, especially in the golf ball category. The Callaway HEX Chrome was released in 2013, at the time it was the best option on the market for slow swinging amateurs that wanted to play with a premium golf ball. One of their newest releases the Chrome Soft has established itself as an industry leader. Let’s take a closer look at how these two models perform in a head to head battle.

Callaway HEX Chrome vs. Chrome Soft – at first glance, it seems as if the ultra long yet soft Chrome Soft will be victorious in this battle. Instead of jumping to any conclusions let’s take a look at how these two high-quality Callaway golf balls compare in terms of feel, distance, durability, and price.  

Callaway HEX Chrome vs. Chrome Soft: Comparison Table

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Callaway HEX Chrome Review


  • Golf ball that is geared towards slower swinging players but that reacts like a premium golf ball
  • Low compression core that is easily compressed in order to get maximum distance especially off the tee
  • The hexangular dimple pattern of the HEX Chrome’s cover delivers a penetrating ball flight
  • It is available in white and optic yellow
  • Soft feel and exceptional greenside control
  • Affordable price point



  • Players with average swing speeds above 105 mph won’t get maximum benefits out of the HEX Chrome
  • The HEX Chrome was released in 2013, many new and improved golf balls have been released since then


The HEX Chrome was designed for the slower swinging amateur player, but it contains all of the features that can be expected in a premium tour proven golf ball.

Players with a swing speed below 105 mph will be able to compress the HEX Chrome with ease to ensure maximum distance. The HEX Chrome features a soft yet durable Urethane cover that offers exceptional greenside control.

The HEX Chrome has stood the test of time and it remains a favorite amongst many golfers around the globe.

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Chrome Soft Review


  • Premium golf ball that is used by majority of Callaway sponsored professional players
  • Features a Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast Core with a larger inner core that delivers high balls speeds and low spin rates when hit with a driver, the result is long and straight drives
  • The Chrome Soft features a Tour-Urethane cover that offers great feel and that also delivers exception spin and control on chip and pitch shots around the green
  • The Chrome Soft is designed to compress even on off center hits, this ensures consistency even on your bad shots



  • The Chrome Soft carries a premium price tag


The Chrome Soft is a premium golf ball that produces unprecedented distance off of the tee. But that’s not all, the Chrome Soft still has unbelievable soft feel and forgiveness around the greens.

The Chrome Soft is packed with Callaway’s latest premium golf ball technology and it is evident in the feedback from satisfied users. This technology includes the use of a Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast Core, Callaways Tour-Urethane cover system and the HEX 332 dimple pattern design.

It is available in numerous color options including Callaway’s unique Truvis design. The only drawback for the Chrome Soft is it’s selling price.

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HEX Chrome vs. Chrome Soft


Both the Chrome Soft and the HEX Chrome delivers maximum distance off of the tee. Both golf balls feature a core that is easy to compress which in return results in higher ball speeds and maximum distance.

The newer Chrome Soft features Callaway’s more advanced Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast Core, this core design delivers extremely high ball speeds for both fast and slow swinging players which in return leads to maximum distance.

The more advanced technology featured in the Chrome Soft ensures that it wins the distance battle between these two golf balls.

Feel and greenside control

Both the HEX Chrome and Chrome Soft feature a Urethane cover system. This cover system ensures exceptional feel and greenside control.

Both of these golf balls have very similar constructions and in terms of feel and greenside control, it is very difficult to put the one ahead of the other.


The durability matchup between these two golf balls is a close one yet again. Both feature a Urethane cover system with a 332 HEX dimple patterns.

The newer Chrome Soft should theoretically feature a more advanced cover, but in reality, both of these golf balls have proven to be very durable.

Once again a closely contested halve is the end result in the durability match.


The HEX Chrome has been on the market for more than half a decade, in comparison the Chrome Soft is one of the current Callaway flagship golf balls.

The HEX Chrome might not be available on shelves around the world anymore, but when they are available it is at a much more affordable price point than the Chrome Soft.

The HEX Chrome is definitely the hands-down winner in the price category.

callaway hex chrome review


Callaway HEX Chrome vs. Chrome Soft: And the winner is…

The battle between two of Callaway’s best golf ball releases of the last decade was a closely contested fight.

Both the HEX Chrome and Chrome soft deliver maximum distance, exceptional feel, and greenside control and durability. The Chrome Soft emerged victorious thanks to its newer core design.

This new Graphene-infused core utilized in the Chrome Soft delivers maximum distance and it is easy to compress for both fast and slow swinging players.

The HEX Chrome is more suitable for players with a swing speed with an average below 105 mph, in comparison, the Chrome Soft can be used by both slow and fast swinging players.

The Chrome Soft earned a well deserved victory, but there is no doubt that the HEX Chrome is a worthy runner up.

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