Callaway Supersoft vs Titleist Pro V1: [Surprising] Review and Comparison

Callaway Supersoft vs. Pro V1 – both are powerhouse brands in the golf industry, but let’s take a closer look at these two products to establish which one is pound for pound the best choice.

At first thought the Callaway Supersoft is the underdog in this battle. Considering that it’s opponent, the Titleist Pro V1, is regarded by many as a golf ball hall of famer.

Both are strong contenders to win this fight, but only one will emerge as golf ball world heavyweight champion.

Reading about a product, in this case a golf ball, on a manufacturing company’s website can be deceiving. The only way to truly learn about the performance of a golf ball is to test it, or at least read a review written by someone that has gone through the trouble of testing that specific golf ball.

Both the Callaway Supersoft and the Titleist Pro V1 are great golf balls, but let’s look at a list of pros and cons of each to see which one is best suited for your game.

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  • Fast ball speeds
  • High spin with short irons for control with shots from 100 yards and in
  • Soft feel
  • Available in white, yellow orange and pink  
  • Reasonably priced, middle of price range


  • Two piece construction

Titleist Pro V1 Pros and Cons


  • Consistent flight
  • Greenside control and soft feel
  • Lower spin rates on long irons and woods
  • Multilayer construction


  • High end of price range
  • Soft outer layer has less durability


Both the Callaway Supersoft and the Titleist Pro V1 are high quality golf balls and are worthy winners of this battle in their own right, but let’s compare these two in depth to establish the true champion. The main factors that golfers, myself included, are looking for in a good golf ball is feel, durability, distance and value.

Callaway Supersoft vs. Pro V1 – Feel

The Titleist Pro V1 has always been known for its exceptional feel. Having a golf ball with soft feel is important, especially for good control around the greens.

Personally I love the way the Pro V1 feels, especially when putting. I have used the Pro V1 with a wide variety of putters with different face inserts and the result has always been soft and forgiving.

When spending time putting with the Supersoft it did display good feel off the putter face. Both golf balls are strong contenders on the feel front but round 1 goes to the Titleist Pro V1.  

Callaway Supersoft vs. Pro V1 – Durability

I might only be speaking on my own behalf here but I am a big fan of a strong durable golf ball.

The Callaway Supersoft has been described by many users as a very durable golf ball, this is great because if the golf ball is durable it can be used for more than one round before it starts to look like an old beat up golf ball.

Additionally longer use equals less money spent on buying new golf balls. In comparison the Titleist Pro V1 isn’t as durable, for players with slower swing speeds it will last fairly long, but as soon as a hard hitting players hits a few crisp wedge shots with a Pro V1 the outer layer will have some scuff marks on it. Round 2 goes to the Callaway Supersoft.

Callaway Supersoft vs. Pro V1 – Distance

In the modern game distance plays a huge part, both the Callaway Supersoft and the Titleist Pro V1 definitely deliver in this area.

Both golf balls are designed to produce high ball speeds and a low spin rate. With wedges and short irons both golf balls go about the same distance, but when hitting fairway woods and a driver the Pro V1 has the upperhand.

The Supersoft is a two piece ball with low compression. This is a great combination for accuracy but in the process it does give some distance away, especially for players with higher swing speeds.

Round 3 was a closely contested battle but in the end it goes to the Pro V1.

Callaway Supersoft vs. Titleist Pro V1 – Price

If finding a less expensive good performing golf ball is important to you then the Callaway Supersoft will be your best option.

The Titleist Pro V1 simply cannot compete against the Supersoft in the price category. In addition to being available at an affordable price the Supersoft is also available in a white, yellow, orange and pink color .

Without any doubt round 4 goes to the Callaway Supersoft.


Callaway Supersoft vs Pro V1: Who’s the winner?

After four hard fought rounds both the Callaway Supersoft and the Titleist Pro V1 each won two rounds out of four, but in the end my tie breaking vote gives the victory to the Callaway Supersoft.

Honestly I am a little surprised by this result, but it is refreshing that there are affordable golf balls on the market that can compete with the Titleist Pro V1.

Titleist has been the industry leader in the golf ball market for many years, a little competition from other brands will only lead to continuous improvement from Titleist.

The Supersoft is a worthy winner though, a durable ball with good feel at a competitive price. 

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14 Responses

  1. doug says:

    Interesting assessment…with a surprising outcome. Not because I play and prefer the Pro V ( I don’t) but because the conventional expectation is that the average article will inevitably conclude that the Pro V has no peers. Repeat a mantra often enough and it risks becoming gospel.

    I play the Chrome Soft, have done for about two years, and love it. However I recently accidentally pulled a Supersoft ( previously found) from the bag in a prac. round and played with that for a few shots before taking a closer look at a ball that had suddenly become longer and straighter.

    Vive la difference! It still says ‘Callaway’ on the dimples, but it plays like a ball that wants me to fall in love all over again. And while it carries on a bit more than it’s 4 piece cousin out of g/side bunkers and the pitch shot in from a tight lie, the extra length off the tee and straighter fairway shots with hybrid or long iron makes it – on balance – worth the extra $1.25 per ball I no longer need pay

    • Thanks for your comment, Doug. I agree with you and I think Pro V is overrated (and overpriced;)

  2. Great article lol. I love the Callaway Supersoft. Priced great and a wonderful ball. The thing has a cult following its so good. Nice touch, feel and super distance. Honestly though I think it goes longer than a pro v off the driver too. Just my opinion of course. 🙂

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