Gag Gifts for Golf Lovers (Funny as Hell) Golf Prank Gifts

Finding the best golf gag gifts for a golfer can be a difficult job. Buying a new putter or driver as a gift is very flashy, but if you’re looking for an affordable present that brings a smile on any golf enthusiast’s face then a funny golf prank gift is the way to go.

We’ve put together this funny golf gift guide with plenty of ideas to choose from.

If you want to take another step towards lowering your scores then you might want to invest in a rangefinder. It doesn’t have to break the bank – read our budget rangefinders article to see what are the best affordable rangefinders on the market.

Funny Golf T-Shirts

For the golfer that enjoys a good laugh a funny t-shirt is the perfect funny golf themed gift. The hardest people to buy a gift for are for the golfers that already own all the newest equipment and golf gimmicks on the market. A funny golf t-shirt is the perfect gift for them, and it is sure to make any golfer chuckle when they open up their gift.   

I Like Big Putts and I Cannot Lie 
Golf Evolution Funny T-Shirt

Nice Shot Golf Glove

Majority of golfers wear a glove when they play golf.

Gloves are mostly plain white and boring, with the exception of a few colorful options that are on the market.

The nice shot golf glove takes colorful to the next level, this is a great gift for golfers that enjoy making fun of their friends out on the course.

Serious golfers might be offended by the glove, but golfers that enjoy the lighter side of things will love this gift.

Funny Golf Socks

Socks are an essential item that all golfers need, instead of buying your dad or husband boring socks for their birthdays or father’s day, rather get them a pair of funny golf socks instead. Not only will they use it, but it will also put a smile on their faces every time they wear them.

Shhh Golf is On Socks
It’s Tee Time Socks

Funny Golf Coffee Mugs

Majority of people can’t function without their early morning cup of coffee. A funny golf mug is the perfect funny golf gag gift for golf nuts who are nuts about coffee. If you are looking for a gift for a parent or grandparent that enjoys golf but personally you have no clue about golf then this is the perfect gift to go with.

Daily Dose of Iron Mug 
Funny Golf Instruction Mug

May the Course be with You  

Kikkerland Putter Golf Cup

Coffee mugs are often dirty, or worse, they fall and break into a million pieces. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen to a loved one it is a good idea to perhaps buy them multiple different funny golf mugs. 



Funny Golf Books

If you simply can’t justify buying a silly golf gag as a gift then a funny golf book is definitely the way to go. Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their games, perhaps some informative light reading material will be able to propel their game to new heights.

Why You Suck at Golf
Hilarious Adult Golf Joke Book 

Golf’s Funniest Jokes

Infant Funny Bodysuits

Buying a funny golf gift for a friend or family member is a great idea no matter what the occasion is, but when a new potential golf lover arrives into the world they definitely deserve a funny golf gift of their own.

Babies won’t remember a toy, but pictures of them rocking a funny golf onesie will be around to look and laugh at for many years.

Crawl Walk Golf Infant Bodysuit


Daddy’s Little Caddy Bodysuit

Golf-Themed Toilet Paper

This gift doesn’t need any introduction, it is an item that we are all very familiar with, it is also something that we can’t live without. If you need to buy the perfect gift for a person that enjoys the lighter side of life then this will be the perfect choice.

The best part about this funny golf gift is that you can come up with some very funny quotes to write in a card that accompanies the gift. A quick idea that comes to mind is: “Put this in your golf bag, you never know when you might have a crappy day out on the course.”

In The Hole Golf Toilet Paper

Tee Time Toilet Paper

 Kneel and Pray Putter

For some golfers there is simply just no more hope. This is the perfect gift for golfers that find golf extremely challenging.

If all else fails their best option might be to drop down to their knees and to start praying for those putts to go in the hole.

Funny Golf Sign

Majority of golfers appreciate the 19th hole just as much, if not more, than the first 18 holes that they play. This sign is a great funny golf gag gift that any golfer will enjoy. It will definitely be a great addition to dad’s man cave. 

To Golf Or Not To Golf?
Marriage Interrupted To Play Golf

Farting Golf Ball

We all have that one friend or playing partner that takes their golf game way too seriously.

This gift will be the perfect item to use to pull a prank on them.

Imagine the shock on their faces when they expect to make a putt with their new golf ball that they received as a birthday gift.

Instead of a smooth roll the ball will be jumping all over the show making farting noises.

Crappy Golf Balls

New golf balls are expensive, losing 6 new golf balls per round can become very expensive.

We all have that one friend that is really bad at golf, but they refuse to play with used golf balls.

Only the best new balls on the market is good enough for them. Buying them a bag of crappy golf balls will be the ideal gift to get them laughing.

Putt Now Wine Later Golf Towel

Wine is a item that is synonymous with golfers, especially with bad golfers.

If they aren’t whining about their bad shots on the course, they are drinking wine at the 19th hole and whining about all that went wrong during the round.

This towel is a great funny gift for golfers that enjoy wine and whining.

Vegas Golf Game

Golf can be a grueling difficult game, this funny golf gag gift is the perfect gift for social golfers that enjoy having fun out on the course.

The game has different chips that you earn during the round, some are negative and some are positive.

Players can make up their own rules as to what a player either loses or earns based on the chips that they hold at the end of the round.  

Golf Ball Finder Glasses

The older people get the harder it is for them to locate their golf balls out on the course.

Some players simply have a hard time finding their ball because they are looking in the wrong spot, golfers tend to overestimate how far they can hit the ball.

The golf ball finder glasses are the perfect golf gag gift to poke fun at those golfers that are always on the hunt for their golf ball.  

These funny golf gag gifts are a very good starting point if you are looking to buy a funny gift for a friend or family member. T

here are many funny golf gags on the market, if there is a prank gift that is a must-have please feel free to share it with our fellow readers in the comments!

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  9. That’s a really nice list of funny golf gifts. I actually received from my buddies the evolution shirt as a birthday gift last year.

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  12. Christina

    In play golf together with my mate and he has a birthday in Feburary. I wasn’t sure what to get him but this list has given me plenty of funnt ideas. Thanks.

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