Funny Golf Scenes in Famous Movies

If you’re like me and you think about golf at least once every two minutes then you probably have a favorite golf movie or a memorable scene that always gets played twice when watching a movie. I remember watching “There’s Something About Mary” as a teen boy and thinking about how hot Cameron Diaz made golf look. That may have been the instant I fell in love with the game.

Watch the video below to see funny golf scenes form famous movies.

Golf is an easy target to pick on, with its frustrating moments, epic storylines and potential for serious debauchery it’s no wonder the links have been a popular setting for countless Hollywood scenes. It’s the relatable moments that we’ve all experienced in our own game which make these films great and we almost always know a real life character that isn’t too far from Carl Spackler.  From “Happy Gilmore” to “Caddy Shack” and that all so memorable air horn in “Jackass”, the real life humor that often occurs on the course makes for comedic gold on the big screen.

Every golfer has their favorite golf movie moment. For me I’d have to say it’s the brownie scene in “Hall Pass”. For some reason it just really hits home for me… What’s your favorite golf movie scene?

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