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GCQuad vs SkyTrak 2024: Differences Reviewed (Data, Accuracy, Software, User Experience, etc)

The GCQuad and SkyTrak are both successful Golf Launch Monitors that can be used with a golf simulator set-up. Both allow you to work on your game indoors or outdoors, providing excellent and relevant feedback so you can improve your golf game. If you are in the market for a golf launch monitor, then you will need to know which is best for you, and this review will help. Read on to find out more.

Quick Answer

In a hurry? GCQuad vs SkyTrak – which one is better for your needs? Both are accurate indoors and outdoors launch monitors as they use photo-based technology. However, the GCQuad is far superior to the SkyTrak, but it is also much more expensive. As such, the SkyTrak is the best option for a recreational golfer, but if you can afford GCQuad you will not be disappointed.

Difference Between GCQuad and SkyTrak

Winner GCQuad
  • Very expensive
  • Quadroscopic Camera
  • Measures Ball and Clubhead
  • Works perfectly indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to Use
  • Provides multiple data points
  • Provides data on the unit and computer
  • World Famous Courses Available
  • High-Quality Graphics
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Value for Money SkyTrak
  • Mid Range
  • Photometric data
  • Measures the ball and provides data on clubhead
  • Usable indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to use
  • Various Data Points
  • Links to tablet or computer
  • 12 courses available
  • 3D graphics
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GCQuad vs SkyTrak 2024: Differences Compared

Data Provided

The GCQuad uses a quadroscopic camera system that takes 6,000 frames per second of the ball and clubhead.

It uses these images and algorithms to calculate a large number of data points related to the ball and clubhead. 

The SkyTrak uses photometric data, which is similar in principle to the GCQuad but uses less computer and camera power. As such, the number of data points is more focused, and the information provided mainly focuses on the ball. 

The GCQuad provides more data points than the SkyTrak, and does so more quickly and more accurately, so it is by far the best option. However, be realistic in how much data you need and can understand, as you will require high levels of golf knowledge to understand all the GCQuad’s data points.


The GCQuad’s quadroscopic camera system is elite level technology that provides highly accurate data. When tested by the reviewers, the distances on the machine were the same as those measured at the range.

It worked well for all types of shot, including drives, irons, pitches, chips, and putts. Although the clubhead data cannot be verified, the measurements for the ball were so accurate they must be accurate too. 

The SkyTrak uses photometric data, which is not as accurate as the quadroscopic method. This is because it takes in less data, so the calculations it makes will not be as accurate. With long shots, the accuracy was not really noticeable. However, on shorter shots, the data was out, and the putting was quite a frustrating experience.

Overall, the GCQuad is the best system in terms of accuracy. It is accurate across all shot lengths, and more accurate on the long shots. Both systems are equally accurate indoors or outdoors, but the GCQuad is best overall.

User Experience

Both the GCQuad and SkyTrak are easy to use, but the GCQuad has self-leveling technology. This means you can put the launch monitor down on any surface and it will give you accurate results right away.

Also, the GCQuad has dual-display systems. Firstly, it provides all the key data on a display on the unit itself, as well as linking with a laptop or computer. On that system, you will see the complete range of data.

Whilst the SkyTrak is easy to use, it does not have self-leveling technology. As such, it may take a few shots to get accurate feedback when you set it up at first (or change locations). The SkyTrak links with a tablet or laptop using BlueTooth technology, which can sometimes have a slight delay.

Both systems offer both simplified and fuller data options, but only the GCQuad does so from the unit itself. As such, it provides a better user experience.

Practice Options

Both the GCQuad and SkyTrak offer very similar practice options. They both have driving range practice, and each has its own variety of competitions to make it more interesting.

These include long drive competitions, nearest the pins, and so forth. Also, both offer a range of golf courses should you want to convert your launch monitor into a simulator and have some on-course practice.

The GCQuad is better for those who like to practice with competition as you can play against others from around the world using the E6 Connect software.

The visuals on both systems are realistic and enjoyable, especially when put on a big screen. They can show the ball flight, disparities, and both offer video too so you can compare the swing to the data.


The GCQuad is offered by Foresight Sports, and it allows you to design a bespoke package. There are many software options, including different ranges of courses (premium and standard) and the option to purchase E6 Connect, which allows you to play against players from around the world. All of these courses and options are individually priced.

SkyTrak, however, employs a much simpler software system for its basic package, which is available to download for free. They have add-ons that help with improvement and allow you to play courses, which makes the system more comparable to the GCQuad. However, even their highest-level package is relatively inexpensive.

As the GCQuad offers unlimited options, it is clearly the premier option, but the price and offering of the SkyTrak software will be more than sufficient for recreational golfers.


The SkyTrak is much more affordable than the GCQuad, costing around a fifth of the Foresight Sports product. Despite this saving, the offering is not much different. You can practice with accurate feedback, take video, scan multiple data points, and play courses.

Obviously, the GCQuad is much better overall, but the cost difference should mean it is 4x better, and it cannot be as the SkyTrak’s base level is so high.

Additionally, the software options on the SkyTrak are much more affordable too, with individual courses on the GCQuad costing more than a full year’s subscription. Overall, the SkyTrak is better value than the GCQuad.

GCQuad Review

difference between GCQuad SkyTrakThe GCQuad uses a quadroscopic camera that takes over 6000 frames per second to calculate information on the golf ball and clubhead.

It’s a premium product that provides extremely accurate data and a range of fantastic practice options.

The courses available for game play are world-famous and provided with stunning graphics.

In addition to linking to a computer, the launch monitor provides key data on the unit itself. This is an excellent product that can be used indoors and outdoors, and will enhance anyone’s practice and golf skills.


  • Extremely accurate data
  • Equally good indoors or outdoors
  • Does not need much space
  • Shows information on the unit itself
  • Provides a wealth of data
  • Fantastic game play options


  • Expensive

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SkyTrak Review

skytrak launch monitorThe SkyTrak system uses a photometric golf ball launch monitor that works as well indoors and outdoors.

It provides data on the golf ball speed, distance, spin rates, and launch angles amongst other details with a high level of accuracy.

The layout is easy to understand and does not overload the user with too much data. It also offers a range of practice options, including gameplay on 12 leading golf courses from around the world.


  • Value for money
  • Accurate
  • Pleasing visuals
  • Can record and edit videos
  • High levels of accuracy indoors
  • Fun practice options


  • Accuracy levels are lower on short-game and putting
  • No multiplayer option

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Foresight Sports GCQuad vs SkyTrak: And the winner is…

The GCQuad is a premium product that does everything you would want in a golf launch monitor. It is highly accurate, offers simple and more complex data, provides instant data on the launch monitor itself, and can be paired with fantastic software options.

However, the price is quite high, and the data it offers requires a good level of golf knowledge. Therefore, this product is best suited for professionals or golf teachers.

The SkyTrak system does everything that a recreational golfer needs from a launch monitor at a much more affordable price, and as such it is the recommended option.

The data it offers is highly accurate as well. It has 12 courses, and although there is no multi-player options, it is still very fun to play.

You are using real clubs and balls, and it can be used indoors or outdoors. For the price, it is an astonishing product and is highly recommended.

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