Optishot vs SkyTrak review

Optishot 2 vs SkyTrak 2024: Differences Reviewed (Accuracy, Data, Software, User Experience etc)

The Optishot 2 and SkyTrak are both highly rated launch monitors. But what are the main differences between them, and which out of the Optishot and SkyTrak is best suited for your needs? We have reviewed and compared these two in terms of data provided, club head and ball speed, launch angle, accuracy, distance, user experience, practice options, software, and price to find out exactly that. 

Quick Answer

In a hurry? Both the Optishot 2 and SkyTrak are well-established golf launch monitors, but in terms of Optishot vs SkyTrak, there are big differences. The main difference between them is that the Optishot 2 is more of an entertainment-based unit, whereas the SkyTrak is more accurate and more suitable for practice. 

You can compare the prices of Optishot on Rain or Shine Golf, on Shop Indoor Golf, and on Amazon.

Compare the prices of SkyTrak on Rain or Shine Golf and on Shop Indoor Golf.

Differences Between Optishot 2 and SkyTrak

  • Very Cheap
  • Can hit real balls, practice balls, or no ball
  • Usable indoors or outdoors
  • Infrared Technology
  • Quite Accurate
  • 3D graphics
  • Distance and Direction Data
  • 15 courses to play
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  • More expensive
  • Can hit real or practice balls
  • Usable indoors or outdoors
  • Photometric data
  • Very Accurate
  • 3D graphics
  • Various Data Points
  • 12 courses available
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Optishot 2 vs SkyTrak 2024: Differences Compared

Data Provided

The Optishot 2 uses an infrared sensor to assess the speed, clubhead path direction, and clubface angle. From this, it calculates the distance and direction of the golf ball, as well as providing information about the clubhead path and clubface.

This is pretty much all the information that most recreational golfers need to know, though other launch monitors provide much more. 

The SkyTrak uses photometric data, which measures only data related to the ball. As such, it does not offer information on the clubhead, but the data it offers on the ball is more detailed than the Optishot 2.

For example, it includes information on spin rates, carry distance, and total distance, which is more than enough for the recreational golfer to use for developing their game.


This is an area where the Optishot 2 and SkyTrak vary. The Optishot 2 is quite accurate, especially so for wedges, but with longer irons and woods the distances are more “representational” than accurate.

If you are playing on the game options with friends then the discrepancies are fine. However, if you are using it for practice and game improvement purposes, they make it a frustrating exercise. 

Additionally, there are some problems with the system in terms of swing path and its accuracy. I have a fairly individual swing, with a neutral swing path and clubface, which somehow creates a very consistent draw.

It is so consistent that I can count the number of fades I’ve hit in the last 20 years on 1 hand. Yet, according to the Optishot, I am a natural fader of the ball, and have an occasional slice. 

The SkyTrak is much more accurate than the Optishot. This is mainly because it uses the golf ball to provide the data, which is actual data, rather than projections based on the clubhead speed and path.

This enables the SkyTrak to provide data that is as accurate as some much more expensive launch monitors.

The SkyTrak is not perfect, however, as some of the short game shots and putts made when using the game mode are frustrating. For long game practice and getting accurate data to use as a practice tool, it is far better than the Optishot 2.


In terms of Optishot 2 vs SkyTrak, both are very well priced for what they offer. However, the Optishot 2 is by far the cheapest option, at about 10% of the SkyTrak cost. 

The Optishot 2 does not offer the accuracy of the SkyTrak, so if you are looking for a tool that will aid your practice and game development, it is poor value.

You cannot improve your game with any certainty using the data it provides. However, as an entertainment option and alternative to playing golf on a golf course, it is perfect.

For those who live in colder climates or those who find getting out on to the course too time-consuming, it is a fantastic option.

If you want to develop your game using numbers, the SkyTrak is much cheaper than more expensive but as accurate launch monitors. For those looking to build a golf room or who want to improve the quality of their practice, this is the best option even though it is more expensive.

User Experience

The user experience of both units is very good, which is one of the main reasons why they are so popular. The Optishot 2 is the easiest to use, as you do not even need a golf ball to use it. You can put the mat down in your living room if you wish.

The SkyTrak is slightly more difficult to set-up and designed for more serious practice than the Optishot 2. It works well indoors and outdoors, but the launch monitor needs a little bit of time to position properly to get the most accurate results. 

In use, both units require a connection to a tablet, computer, or even a TV. The 3D graphics on both are excellent, and the data is shown in an easy to read format.

Also, the amount of data provided is right for a recreational golfer, as with some of the more expensive launch monitors normal golfers can get confused. 

The SkyTrak offers more data that can be used to improve the swing, and it does so more accurately. Therefore, the 2 units offer a good user experience, but the SkyTrak does so for the more serious golfer, and the Optishot 2 for a more social golfer.

Practice Options

Both monitors can be used to enhance practice sessions. They both provide data, though the SkyTrak is much more accurate than the Optishot 2.

Also, both offer gameplay that is an enjoyable addition to basic range practice mode. This is one area where the Optishot 2 is better than the SkyTrak as it offers slightly more courses and a multiplayer option for 2 to 4 players. 

The Optishot includes all of its courses at the low price it sells the unit for, whereas the courses on the SkyTrak are extra as part of a software package.

That the SkyTrak has fewer courses than the Optishot 2 is strange given the price difference, and I believe that SkyTrak are trying to add more courses as time progresses.

The 12 courses it does have is enough, but 15 is obviously better if you want to play courses rather than practice like a professional.


The Optishot 2 comes with the software included, making this section somewhat obsolete. SkyTrak comes with 3 software option levels, the most expensive of which costs as much as the Optishot 2 in its entirety.

However, you get what you pay for, and the SkyTrak system is quicker and includes a lot more data and features. The Optishot 2 connects directly with your TV or display and is standard. Most add ons are of the physical variety, including nets, mats, and more. 

Optishot 2 Review

The  Optishot 2 is a low-cost launch monitor that provides an alternative to playing on a course.

Its accuracy is not exact, but it is close enough to enjoy gameplay at one of the fifteen courses it offers, especially in multiplayer mode.

It is very simple and easy to use, and a worthy investment for those who love playing the game.


  • Cheap
  • Fun with nice visuals
  • 15 courses to play
  • Multi-Player Options
  • Can be used with any type of ball


  • Data is representational and not as accurate as SkyTrak

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SkyTrak Review

difference between optishot skytrackThe SkyTrak system is a photometric golf ball launch monitor that can be used equally well indoors and outdoors.

It provides accurate data on the golf ball speed, distance, spin rates, and launch angles amongst other details in an easy to use format.

It also offers a range of practice options, including gameplay on 12 of the world’s best courses.


  • Good value
  • Accurate
  • Nice visuals
  • Easy to record and edit videos
  • Excellent accuracy indoors
  • Fun practice options


  • Loses accuracy with short-game and putting
  • Only 12 courses 
  • No multiplayer option

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Optishot 2 vs SkyTrak: And the winner is…

The Optishot 2 is so affordable that it must be the winner, despite the lack of accuracy.

It is fun and provides an alternative to playing on a golf course. The SkyTrak is much more accurate, and if you are a serious golfer then it’s the best choice.

Check the current prices of SkyTrak on Rain or Shine Golf and on Shop Indoor Golf.

The accuracy provided by the Optishot 2 is sufficient for a Sunday golfer. You’ll know when you hit a good shot or not, and the visuals, data, and chance to do so in a warm and comfortable environment will help you practice more.

Lack of practice is the biggest problem for most golfers so this will make you better. You can compare the prices of Optishot on Rain or Shine Golf, on Shop Indoor Golf, and on Amazon.

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