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Best Golf Simulator 2024: Reviews (Indoor & Outdoor) Home & Professional Use

The opportunity to play golf without leaving your home was once the dream of many but is now a reality. There are many excellent golf simulators that allow you to practice and even play courses without leaving your home comforts. The following simulators offer a range of price points so you can assess which is the best golf simulator for you in 2024.

Quick Answer

If you’re looking for the best golf simulator on the market and have the money to spend, go for Uneekor QED. On the other hand, if the best value for money is what you want, go for the fun and accurate Mevo+ (ideal for outdoors) or SkyTrak (better for indoors) golf simulator packages.

Golf Simulators: Quick Comparison

  • Complete Accuracy
  • 2 x Ultra High Speed Cameras
  • Indoors
  • Not Portable
  • Comes with 24 Ready Marked Bridgestone Balls
  • Links to provided computer
  • Data points on clubhead and ball
  • High Mid Range
  • Over 100,000 courses
  • Software included
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BEST VALUE SkyTrak Golf Simulator
  • Very Accurate
  • Photometric Measurement
  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • Not Portable
  • Use Real Clubs and Balls
  • Links to Tablet, Computer, and Screen
  • Wide Range of Data Points
  • Mid Range
  • 12 Courses
  • Range of Add ons
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Foresight Sports GCQuad Golf Simulator
  • Very Accurate
  • Quadroscopic Cameras
  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • Portable
  • Real Clubs and Balls
  • Links to provided computer
  • Wide range of data
  • Expensive
  • 5 courses
  • Software Included (can add on)
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Flightscope Mevo+
  • Accurate
  • Radar Based Measurement
  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • Portable
  • Use Real Clubs and Balls
  • Links to Phone App and Screen
  • 16 Data Points
  • Cheap
  • 5 Courses
  • Software Included
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ProTee Golf Simulator
  • Very Accurate
  • Over 100 sensors and cameras
  • Indoors
  • Not Portable
  • Use Real Clubs and Balls
  • Links to provided computer
  • Data points on ball, clubhead, and swing
  • Expensive
  • 150,000 courses
  • Includes Software
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TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator
  • Realistic
  • TruTrack2 Infrared
  • Indoors
  • Portable
  • Use Real Clubs and Balls
  • Links to provided computer
  • Data on clubhead used for calculation
  • High Mid Range
  • 100s of courses
  • Includes Software
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Optishot Golf in a Box 3
  • Realistic
  • Infrared
  • Indoors Only
  • Portable
  • Use Real Clubs and Balls
  • Links to Computer and Screen
  • Limited Data Points
  • Lowest price
  • 15 Courses
  • Software included
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Best Golf Simulators 2024: Reviews

1. Uneekor Golf Simulator


golf simulation packageThe Uneekor QED Simulator is the best one on the market.

It is extremely accurate, using 2 ultra high-speed cameras to analyze the ball and clubhead movement.

From shots from 10cm to 435m it will give you exact data.

The Uneekor comes with a screen, mat, projector (with ceiling mount), and a laptop to display and calculate the data. This package is reasonably priced and somewhat portable, as all you need to do is move the sensors.

The best part about the Uneekor is the graphics. The HD and 3D graphics make you feel like you are on the course itself. And when I say course, I mean 1 of the 100,000 courses available on this system. You could play 2 courses a day until you die and still have thousands left over.

The package also includes 24 Bridgestone Golf Balls which can be used with the system to maximize accuracy with spin rates. However, you can use your own golf balls, but the spin data may not be as accurate.

Overall, the Uneekor QED Swingbay has no weaknesses and is available for a great price. That is why it the best Golf Simulator of 2024.


  • Good Value
  • Complete Accuracy
  • 3D and HD graphics
  • Over 100,000 courses


  • Not easily portable

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2. SkyTrak Golf Simulator

Best Value in 2024 & Best for Indoors

skytrak reviews

The SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator package means you can play golf year round, even if you live in places where the weather does not allow that.

It is not expensive, and the package includes a golf net, screen, projector with mountings, a realistic feeling golf mat, and a high-quality laptop and stand.

What also sets it apart is the software required to run the game improvement parts. Additionally, a golf course playing package can be added with the WGT gaming software. 

The SkyTrak launch monitor is a photometric system that uses photographs and advanced algorithms to calculate the flight of the golf ball and its spin rates. It focuses on the ball, meaning that data on the clubhead is generated rather than measured.

However, the accuracy levels for the ball are very high, and the performance is similar to much more expensive launch monitors.

The SkyTrak is very easy to use and it’s also portable. You will be able to use it indoors in your net and take the unit outside on to the range. It connects to a tablet or notebook using Bluetooth and works well indoors as outdoors.

As it uses photographs to calculate the measurements it does not require space in front or after the player. 

The software package features some of the world’s best courses, and for the keen practicer there is an extensive practice package. It offers skills assessments, fun events such as long drive comps, nearest the pin challenges, target practice.

When you play on the course, you can also include changeable weather conditions, so you can play St Andrews in the wind and rain or Pebble Beach with a sea breeze.

The golf net included comes with side protectors and the mat is a standard driving range golf mat. The screen is very durable and will withstand even your most powerful drives, and nearly everything can be adjusted so the visuals fit the screen perfectly.

The technology will not let you down either, as the included laptop is extremely fast.  If you live somewhere with inclement weather, far from practice facilities, or just want to practice more in your own home, SkyTrak Golf Simulator is an excellent all inclusive package.


  • The package is all inclusive
  • World Famous Courses
  • Extremely Accurate
  • Portable
  • Very easy to use


  • Slight delay seeing the ball flight

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3. Foresight Sports Golf Simulator

Premium Simulation Package

top golf simulation packageForesight Sports is home to the established and popular GC2 and GCQuad Launch Monitors.

To this, they offer a bespoke, design your own, golf simulator service.

Prices will vary depending on which launch monitor you choose, but the net ready series is standardized.

In addition to the launch monitor, you will get a simulator frame and screen with a net, a 4 x 1.5m golf mat, tee holders, a performance laptop, laptop stand, and software for all levels of golfer, including juniors.

The launch monitor is the most important and expensive piece of equipment. Both the GCQuad and GC2 uses photographic data to measure the ball speed and direction.

The GC2 takes over 10000 frames per second, and the Quad using quadroscopic imaging. In simple terms, the data provided by the launch monitor is extensive, and it is analyzed by powerful software. 

As you can imagine, this is expensive, but the levels of accuracy and quality of data are extremely high. Foresight offers verifiable data, so if your numbers are inaccurate, they will address the problem.

Also, the Foresight Launch monitor displays key information on the unit itself, so you do not have to refer to the computer all the time. Finally, the Foresight Launch Monitors are extremely easy to set up and portable. They will self-level, meaning that your data will be accurate from shot 1.

The FSX2020 software provided with the Performance Series package comes with 5 courses to play. These are highly realistic and a lot of fun to play. Most golfers, even those with good intentions to practice on the range, actually spend more time playing the simulations as it is so enjoyable.

Another feature included is the Fairgrounds software, which is designed to make golf fun for children and families. It integrates festival-themed game play and will make your investment suitable for the whole family.

Although the Foresight option is expensive, it comes with affordable financing. There are additional costs for extra software and courses, and these have annual fees. However, in life, you get what you pay for, and the Foresight Sports is exceptional. 


  • Highly accurate
  • 5 Courses and Family Options
  • Comes with full package
  • Portable Launch Monitor


  • Quite expensive
  • Ongoing software costs

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4. Flightscope Mevo+

Budget Option for Outdoors (Preferred) & Indoors 

home golf simulatorThe Flightscope Mevo+  has been adapted into an affordable golf simulator with the addition of screens and projectors.

The radar technology still measures the ball and clubhead data, providing 16 parameters, including ball speed, clubhead speed, spin rates, and many more, and now you can see the ball in action too.

It’s also sold as just a launch monitor which means it is very accurate but the radar requires about 10 feet in front of and behind the ball to get accurate readings.

As such, for most people, it is more accurate outdoors. It does work reasonably well indoors, with mainly short shots being slightly inaccurate. The data is very easy to understand and the visuals are well-presented, especially on the big screen.

Sixteen is a large number of data points, and uses colors as a guide (red and green) to enhance the numerical data. Also, there is a simulation that shows the flight path, height, and general shape of the shot.

The Flightscope Mevo+ is portable, and the launch monitor link with your mobile device using an application. It comes in a self-contained and sturdy case, which displays the information on the front.

The accompanying software changes the basic Mevo Launch Monitor into the Mevo+. You can practice like you are on the range with ball flight visualization combined with your data, or play five golf courses with realistic game play.

This adds to the fun factor considerably, and the quality, realism, and accuracy make you feel like you are there. As the Flightscope Mevo+ is inexpensive, there are one or two issues that you don’t get with the premium simulators.

Firstly, to measure the spin rate, Flightscope asks that you stick small silver stickers to every golf ball. It works quite well without it, but it is quite a bit of effort. Secondly, the unit itself is not the easiest to set up, and getting it level is important for accuracy.

Overall, the Flightscope Mevo+ golf simulator offers excellent levels of accuracy, very easy to understand data, clear visuals, and more than enough simulation features for the recreational golfer. It’s also affordable and offers dual function as a golf launch monitor and simulator. 


  • Excellent level of accuracy
  • Easy to read data
  • Dual Function
  • Has game play features
  • Budget friendly


  • Have to put stickers on the ball to obtain spin data
  • For indoor use, Mevo+ needs to have at least 16′ of depth to function properly

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5. ProTee Golf Simulator

The ProTee Golf Simulator is a premium product that takes golf simulator packages to the extreme. It is a permanent, indoor use system that takes data from cameras and fixed-point sensors.

This provides information from over 100 data points that are used to calculate many more aspects of the swing, clubhead path, and ball flight that are simpler, one position launch monitors.

The other fairly amazing aspect of the ProTee is that you can choose to play on 1 of over 150,000 golf courses.

You could play a new course every day for over 400 years. You can even build your own course if you get bored, which is hard to believe is possible. These courses are shown in 4K Ultra HD graphics so offer very realistic game play. 

The game play is also fun, with up to 4 players able to compete at the same time. Should you wish, you can create an avatar of you and your friends to enhance the fun factor. You can also play mini-games on the driving range and in other practice modes.

The simulator itself comes with an all-inclusive package of computer, projector, screen, net, and golf mat. The software is quite large, as the number of data points and calculations requires processing. Despite the amount of data involved, the price is reasonable for what it offers.

The accuracy is also very high, as you would expect from over 100 sensors. Even with short shots, the ball on the visual will go exactly where you think it should.

However, this system is not portable, and once installed by a professional team, it cannot be moved easily. Therefore, this system is designed for those who want a premium golf experience at home, and it provides that in spades.


  • Highly accurate data from over 100 sensors
  • Over 150,000 courses
  • Fun game play


  • Expensive
  • Not portable

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6. TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator

best indoor golf simulatorsThe TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator is a fully inclusive package that provides a less expensive alternative to the big-name players.

Using the TruTrack2 launch monitor to provide data, the other aspects of the package provide more for the social and recreational golfer.

The equipment is designed to replicate the on-course environment, with excellent graphics and a real feel golf mat.

There is also an HD projector, screen, and if you go for the Pro Level version, even a computer and speakers. The required space is not large, and no distances are required in front of or behind the golfer.

The TruTrack2 sensor works by tracking the clubhead path through the contact area with 3 optical sensors. These calculate the clubhead speed, path, and clubface direction to provide the ball flight data.

As such, it is not as accurate as other launch monitors, but it is accurate enough to provide a realistic experience. 

The main extra with the TruGolf Vista 10 is the E6 Connect software, which allows users to interact with and play against golfers from around the world. This increases the fun you can have with the system dramatically and is a big difference from the more accuracy-focussed systems.

The software also includes some of the world’s best courses as well as practice options. This simulator is designed more for fun than practice, but if you are playing you are practicing more than someone who is not, right. There is an analysis included in the software, so it will improve your game. 

Although designed for 1 room use, the system is portable. You can take it wherever in the provided case, and set up anywhere you want. It is a great package.


  • Connect with Golfers around the world
  • Play well-known courses
  • All in One package


  • Not that accurate
  • Somewhat expensive

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7. Optishot Golf Simulator

Lowest Price

OptiShot2 Golf Simulator reviewLast in our list is a low-cost yet award-winning golf simulator with a home golf simulator set-up.

The Optishot sensors measure a number of data points using 2 sensors that fit beneath the clubhead path.

With this data it calculates distances, flight patterns, and spin rates. The sensors measure the clubhead speed, face angle and path angle, so you can use your clubs and balls.

This means that the Optishot is not that accurate as some of the other, more expensive systems on the market in 2024. 

It’s designed as a pure simulator, and as such, Optishot focuses more on fun, gameplay features rather than accuracy. The package includes 15 world championship level golf courses, play in multi-player games, and play up to 6 different game types.  

The hardware that comes in the package is high-quality equipment. The net is designed to withstand golf ball speeds of up to 225 mph, and the screen provides High-Definition quality visuals and images. 

The Optishot golf simulator is easy and fun to use, connecting to any laptop or computer. It’s also portable, as long as your computer is portable and does not require the screen and projector.

Optishot can be connected to a TV, however, you probably don’t want to be hitting real golf balls at that.

In conclusion, it’s a great choice for a recreational golfer who loves game play rather than boring practice. It is affordable and the game play is a representative golf experience and extremely entertaining.

As any practice is good, it will improve golfers who use it at home to become better golfers, as well as providing fun for all the family and their friends.


  • Game play options are great
  • Fun
  • Portable
  • You can use real clubs and golf balls with it
  • Awesome High Definition visuals
  • Lowest price


  • Not as accurate as other golf simulators reviewed

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The best golf simulator for you depends on your needs and budget. If you are a golf professional or avid golfer who demands accuracy, the Uneekor QED and Foresight Sports GCQuad provide extremely accurate data, great courses, and fun game play. However, they are expensive and might be out of the price range of many golfers.

If you are a golf lover and looking for the best value for money golf simulator in 2024, go for an accurate and fun SkyTrak (works better indoors) or Mevo+ (best for outdoor use) golf simulator.

If you are on a tight budget and just want a fun experience with reasonable accuracy, then the Optishot Golf Simulator offers realistic golf for a very low price. 

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