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Trackman Alternative 2024 (Golf Simulators & Launch Monitors)

Advances in technology have led to the extension of once prohibitively expensive or restricted machinery to the masses. Golf, and golf launch monitors in particular, have benefitted from these advances, and now there is a range of options. Now there are a number of cheaper alternatives to Trackman that offer the same benefits to improve your golf game, and this review will tell you more.

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In a hurry? The SkyTrak and GC Quad offer a similar experience to the Trackman Golf Launch Monitor. They are accurate, portable, usable inside or outdoors, and importantly, much less expensive. For the recreational golfer, the Flightscope Mevo+ and OptiShot are good purchases that will improve your golf game.

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Best Trackman Alternatives in 2024: Reviews

1. SkyTrak

Best Rated Trackman Alternative

golf simulator substituteThe SkyTrak system offers high levels of accuracy at less than a quarter of the price of the Trackman.

It does this using high-speed cameras that provide photometric data.

These cameras capture thousands of frames per second, data which is analyzed by the SkyTrak system to provide accurate information.

As it uses the photometric system, the SkyTrak is actually better for indoor use than the Trackman. SkyTrak can work optimally in a much smaller space as the photometric data does not require space to track the ball.

The Trackman requires up to 10 feet behind and in front of the golfer to measure accurately, so the SkyTrak is the best if you want to use it indoors in a small space.

Another benefit of the SkyTrak for recreational golfers is that the data provided is less, and therefore easier to understand. The Trackman system offers more, but that can be confusing for those who just play for fun.

As the SkyTrak measures only the ball, the data focuses on that and calculates the data on the clubhead, so is not as accurate in that respect.

In terms of accuracy, the SkyTrak is within 2% of the Trackman despite being much less expensive. In reality, testers found it very accurate on full shots, but not as accurate on pitches, chips, and putts. 

Therefore, although the Trackman is an excellent product, if you are a recreational golfer then the SkyTrak is more than suitable. It is accurate, easy to use, portable, and much cheaper. It can be upgraded to link with a simulator too, so if you want to do that then it is possible.

Key Features

  • Data is accurate
  • Can be used in a small space inside
  • Easy to use with not too much data
  • Much more affordable than Trackman

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2. GCQuad

Best Premium Alternative

trackman cheap alternativesUp next we have in our list the Trackman alternative that is better and costs about the same.

The GCQuad is named because of the quadroscopic cameras system it uses. This produces extremely accurate data as it takes from over 6000 frames per second. As it does not use radar, it can be used in a smaller space than the Trackman, without any loss of accuracy.

Another benefit of the GC Quad is that it displays the key information on the launch monitor itself as well as the computer or tablet you use with it. This means you do not have to move from your hitting point to get the information you need.

As a high quality system, the GCQuad has numerous data points, video editing technology and can be linked with a simulator and projector if you want to upgrade. 

Key Features

  • Very Accurate Data from Quadroscopic Cameras
  • Self-leveling features
  • Displays information on the monitor
  • Can be upgraded

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3. Flightscope Mevo Plus

Budget Trakman Alternative

flightscope mevo plusThe Flightscope Mevo+ (and Mevo) is backed by big-name golf superstars such as Bryson DeChambeau and Bubba Watson and offers accurate data at a much-reduced price.

The Flightscope Mevo+ Launch Monitor uses radar technology to measure the ball flight in the same way as the Trackman. As such, it needs space before and after the swing area to measure the data.

This can affect accuracy if you use it indoors. Overall, the accuracy of the Mevo+ is excellent, and it provides identical or very similar numbers to the Trackman. 

One benefit of the Flightscope unit is that it offers data both on the launch monitor itself as well as on the computer or tablet. This means that you do not have to move from the strike area to read the key data.

You can do this with the Trackman but it requires a tablet as well as a computer. The Mevo+ only offers a small amount of key metrics on the unit, and more data on the computer. Again, this is not as detailed as the information provided by the Trackman, but it is more usable for the recreational golfer.

The Mevo+ can also link with a golf simulator if you want to upgrade. The Flightscope package offers 5 courses which allow you to play some of the best courses in the world from your own home.

Key Features

  • The data and measurements are accurate
  • The launch monitor shows key data points
  • Offers a range of data points
  • Much less expensive than the Trackman
  • Links with a golf course simulation

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4. Optishot Golf in a Box

Cheap Trackman Alternative 2024

The Optishot system is the most affordable alternative to the Trackman, and the one that is least similar.

It is designed more as a simulator than a launch monitor, and with fun as the primary purpose rather than improvement through numbers.

The Optishot system uses a system that measures the clubhead as it moves over 2 Infrared sensors.

These measure the clubhead speed and path as well as clubface angle and position. With this data it computes the ball distance and flightpath, although you do not need to use a ball with this system.

As such, the Optishot system is not as accurate as the Trackman system. It is designed as a simulator rather than a launch monitor, so it is perhaps unfair to compare it with the Trackman.

If you want an accurate system to improve by numbers then the Trackman or previous alternatives are better options.

The main benefit of the Optishot is that it links to an easy to use, fun, and realistic golf simulator. The user will improve through playing golf more even if they do not get the accurate feedback they would get from the system.

Key Features

  • A fun golf simulator system
  • Easy to use and set-up
  • Will improve golfers through game play rather than data
  • Not suitable as a comparable launch monitor 

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5. Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

Cheapest Trackman Substitute

The Rapsodo MLM is designed to be a launch monitor for those who are cost conscious and want to travel.

It offers the core features of the more expensive launch monitors in a small and mobile unit.

It uses radar and is surprisingly accurate given the price. However, it does not offer a raft of information, concentrating on the key data points to reduce costs.

Also, the Rapsodo MLM is small, amazingly portable, and easy to use. It connects with your Apple Smart Device and uses that to show the measurements you want to improve your game.

Usable indoors and outdoors, for the price this Launch Monitor cannot be beaten. 

Key Features

  • A cheap and efficient launch monitor
  • Very easy to use and portable
  • Only compatible with Apple Devices

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The Trackman system is industry-leading but the other systems offer a similar and more usable experience at a much lower price.

The SkyTrak is the best affordable Trackman alternative in 2024 (compare the prices of SkyTrak on Rain or Shine Golf and Shop Indoor Golf). The GCQuad is the most accurate, but it’s much more expensive (compare the price on Rain or Shine Golf and Shop Indoor Golf) than Skytrack. 

The Flightscope Mevo+ (check the prices of Mevo Plus on Rain or Shine Golf and Shop Indoor Golf) and OptiShot (Optishot prices on Rain or Shine Golf, on Shop Indoor Golf, and on Amazon)  are also excellent options for those on a lower budget. Both these systems offer high levels of accuracy and easier to understand data at a much cheaper price.

As always you should review your needs before deciding what you purchase. All of the systems will improve your golf game but the SkyTrak is the best overall alternative to Trackman.

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