Best Fairway Woods For Senior Golfers & Older Players 2019 & 2020

To help you choose the right fairway wood for you, listed below are the best fairway woods for senior golfers and for slower swing speeds in 2019 and 2020.

Modern technology has massively improved fairway woods in recent years, as thinner casting has led to weight reduction, lower Center of Gravity, and increased perimeter weighting across all brands.

In a hurry? The Cobra King F9 Speedback and TaylorMade M6 are excellent woods and very suitable for senior golfers and older players who need speed and loft to get the ball as far down the fairway as they can.

If you want to take another step towards lowering your scores then you might want to invest in a rangefinder. It doesn’t have to break the bank – read our budget rangefinders article to see what are the best affordable rangefinders on the market.

Best Fairway Woods for Senior Golfers: Quick Comparison

BEST RATED Cobra King F9
  • Adjustable Flight
  • Long
  • Normal
  • Forgiving
  • Speedback
  • Baffler Rails
  • Adjustable
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RUNNER UP TaylorMade M6
  • Normal Flight
  • Very Long
  • Normal
  • Very Forgiving
  • Twist Face
  • Speed Slot
  • Not Adjustable
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Wilson D7
  • Normal Flight
  • Average
  • Normal
  • Forgiving
  • Maraging Hot Steel
  • Ultra-Thin Pockets
  • Not Adjustable
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Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo
  • Very High Flight
  • Long
  • Easy to Launch
  • Very Forgiving
  • HiBore Crown
  • Not Adjustable
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Callaway Mavrik Max
  • High Flight
  • Long
  • Easy to Launch
  • Forgiving
  • FaceCup 360
  • Jailbreak
  • Flash Face
  • Not Adjustable
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Top Rated Fairway Woods for Seniors and Slower Swing Speeds: Reviews

1. Cobra King F9 2019 Speedback

Best Rated

Cobra is a well-established and popular metal woods manufacturer and they continue to produce innovative technology and high-quality products. 

This King F9 offers 8 variable loft settings so you can adjust the loft of the clubface to get the ball in the air more easily.

This feature is easy to use and produces instant results, and is very popular with seniors who have used it on earlier versions of the King Fairway Wood. 

The King F9 is also ideal for seniors as its design helps the clubhead penetrate the air, and as such it is named the “Speedback”.

The crown is made of ultra-light carbon fiber which reduces weight, therefore, increasing the speed and distance.

Also, there are two “baffler rails” in the sole constructed of steel to add weight where it is most effective and to increase speed in the lower part of the swing.

However, you should be aware that increasing the loft will reduce the distance the ball travels unless the ball runs down the fairway.

The Speedback offers a good mix of distance and forgiveness with the face perimeter weighting and a thin face that “corrects” off-center hits.

Also, it has a modern look with yellow inserts that highlight the speedback technology and a black carbon crown. As well as looking great the sound it makes is as you would expect and it is the best overall fairway wood for seniors on the market in 2020.


  • Adjustable Loft
  • Forgiving
  • Long


  • Not the cheapest one

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2. TaylorMade M6 D Type Fairway Food

Runner Up

TaylorMade made their name by creating metal woods and the latest iteration of the M series adds even more creativity and technology.

The unique “TwistFace” technology is ergonomically designed to correct off-center strikes in the most effective way, straightening and elevating strikes off the heel and reducing the impact of slices.

In addition to the TwistFace, the M6 D Type has a Moment of Inertia (M.O.I) co-efficient meaning that the club is very stable through the strike, which reduces dispersion in your shots.

The strapline says that it makes mis-hits great, and that it does.

TaylorMade have reduced weight in the clubhead with the SpeedPocket, which is improved in this model.

As with all TaylorMade Fairway Woods, this club is long, although as it is not adjustable it will not fly as high as others.

The M series bring out new clubs regularly but this is not because the previous models are obsolete.

If you buy an M6 D Type you will be buying a club that is built to the highest standards and will last many years.


  • Long
  • Reduces the impact of slices


  • Not adjustable

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3. Wilson D7 Fairway Wood

Best for Value

Wilson is a long-established golf brand that has a long history of success, winning majors in every decade since they were established.

The D7 Fairway wood is a traditional-looking metal wood that delivers everything you need for a reasonable price.

It is super-light, which increases the speed you can create and therefore extends the distance the ball travels.

The casting in certain pockets is ultra-thin so the weight is reduced even further and this positively affects the weight distribution making the club more forgiving.

The unique selling point of the D7 is the Carpenter Custom 455 Maraging Steel face, which is both ultra-thin and hot, providing distance, forgiveness, and a traditional feel that seniors will be used to.

That feel will help the golfer’s ability to create shots, working the ball either right or left and letting it run up to the hole. 

The look and sound are traditional too so this club is perfect for seniors who want all the benefits of new technology and the look and feel of old-fashioned clubs.

Wilson are not quite as prominent as they were, but they still produce excellent quality golf clubs at attractive prices. If you want a great fairway wood for less, these are for you.


  • Traditional Feel
  • Good value
  • Can shape shots


  • Not much technology included

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4. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Fairway Wood

Best for Looks

Seniors know what they want, and the recurring themes from surveys held with senior golfers is that they want fairway woods that are well-made, get the ball in the air, and don’t cost the earth.

The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo, as with all Launcher series products has a low Center of Gravity that is designed to get the ball into the air quickly and easily, is made by an established brand, and is sensibly priced.

Without too many gimmicks, its perimeter-weighting adds to the forgiveness so you can find the fairway too even with off-center strikes.

The clubhead has a number of features designed to increase the speed of the swing, including the HiBore Crown which reduces weight, as does the hollow hosel.

Reduced weight equals faster swings, and the clubhead will zip through the air as it is designed is both beautiful and speedy.

As such, the Launcher HB Turbo is quite long, and when combined with the low CoG provides a high and pleasing ball flight.

The most noticeable factor with the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo is its looks. It has a sleek matt charcoal finish and stunning detailing so it looks like a classic golf club and an elite product.

It is sure to wow your playing partners, friends, and enemies alike. It sounds great too, even when you catch one off the heel or toe.

All in all, the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Fairway wood does exactly what seniors want in a great looking package, and that is why it is included as a good fairway wood for senior golfers in 2019 and 2020.


  • Easy to get in the air
  • Very forgiving
  • Beautiful


  • Not adjustable

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5. Callaway Mavrik Max Fairway

Best for Accuracy

Callaway is a brand synonymous with forgiveness and the new Callaway Mavrik Max Fairway Wood will help all golfers maximize their distance.

It is extremely easy to hit as the clubhead is large and the face deep. As such the sweet spot is very large so off-center strikes will fly high and far.

The oversized club head adds confidence to users and the offset also helps get the ball high in the air. 

Large clubheads can create drag and lose distance but the Mavrik Max Fairway woods feature Flash Face technology which creates a springboard effect and increased distance.

Also, the FaceCup 360 technology included and “Jailbreak” power enables the clubhead to generate high speeds so your fairway woods will go far as well as straight. 

A problem with previous Callaway fairway woods having strange sounds on contact has been sorted, and the Mavrik Max Fairway both sounds and looks fantastic.

Combined with its excellent feel it offers a great package.

In short, the Mavrik Max Fairway offers accuracy and distance for senior golfers and is an excellent choice if you are looking for new fairways woods.


  • Very forgiving
  • Long
  • Full of technology


  • Oversized head may not suit all

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What Are Fairway Woods for Slow Swing Speeds?

Fairway woods have longer shafts than golf clubs. You can quickly tell these two apart by merely looking, and once you get to use these, the difference will be pretty obvious. Fairway woods were originally made from persimmon tree, as a derivation from their name but now, you can get your one made from steel and even titanium.

How Can You Choose The Best Fairway Wood for Seniors?

Since you know what a fairway wood is and how this little equipment can bring up your A game in golf, you’ll understand now how crucial it is to find the best fairway woods which will be appropriate for your playing skills.

There are several fairway woods on the market but don’t go out to purchase one yet. You have to consider first what you’re looking for in a fairway wood and these are just some of the components which you should take note:

The Shafts

Commonly, fairway woods come in shafts of graphite or steel. Each of these shafts can give you different features, and you must keep in mind how these features can help you with your games. For example, a graphite shaft will provide you the height that you might be looking for while a steel shaft can keep your ball lower.

The Clubheads

The power in every shot you make is based on the clubhead you choose. This equipment will help you deliver that raw power without the bulbous heads, allowing you to hit solid shots from the fairways. You might have the power when you shoot before but choosing the right clubhead for your fairway wood will make a huge difference in your upcoming games.

The Numbers and Lofts

Fairway woods are categorized by their numbers and lofts. You’ll need different numbers and lofts differ as a player. Whatever number and loft you might be choosing for your fairway woods, keep in mind that one brand’s 3-wood which carries 13-degrees of loft, other brands will not carry the same exact angle.


Best Fairway Woods for Seniors and Older Players – Conclusion

All the fairway woods reviewed above are excellent products that will give you more confidence off the tee or from long range as all modern woods have higher ball flight and longer distance.

In short, the Cobra King F9 Speedback and TaylorMade M6 are the two best Fairway Woods for Seniors and slower swing speeds in 2019 and 2020. Happy golfing.

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