Best Fairway Woods For Senior Golfers & Older Players 2019

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 61-percent of people who are into playing golf are aged 50 and above, as the sport doesn’t involve too much physical effort on their end compared to other outdoor sports.

But unlike younger golfers seniors might not be able to attain optimal swing speeds as often.

You might even have experienced this firsthand as a senior or older player when you tried playing golf using any of those fairway woods that regular golfers use for their long-distance shots.

To help you choose the right fairway wood for you, listed below are three of the best in the market today that you should consider buying.

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What Are Fairway Woods In The First Place?

Fairway woods have longer shafts than golf clubs. You can quickly tell these two apart by merely looking, and once you get to use these, the difference will be pretty obvious. Fairway woods were originally made from persimmon tree, as a derivation from their name but now, you can get your one made from steel and even titanium.

How Can You Choose The Best Fairway Wood for Seniors?

Since you know what a fairway wood is and how this little equipment can bring up your A game in golf, you’ll understand now how crucial it is to find the best fairway woods which will be appropriate for your playing skills.

There are several fairway woods on the market but don’t go out to purchase one yet. You have to consider first what you’re looking for in a fairway wood and these are just some of the components which you should take note:

The Shafts

Commonly, fairway woods come in shafts of graphite or steel. Each of these shafts can give you different features, and you must keep in mind how these features can help you with your games. For example, a graphite shaft will provide you the height that you might be looking for while a steel shaft can keep your ball lower.

The Clubheads

The power in every shot you make is based on the clubhead you choose. This equipment will help you deliver that raw power without the bulbous heads, allowing you to hit solid shots from the fairways. You might have the power when you shoot before but choosing the right clubhead for your fairway wood will make a huge difference in your upcoming games.

The Numbers and Lofts

Fairway woods are categorized by their numbers and lofts. You’ll need different numbers and lofts differ as a player. Whatever number and loft you might be choosing for your fairway woods, keep in mind that one brand’s 3-wood which carries 13-degrees of loft, other brands will not carry the same exact angle.


The Top Three Best Fairway Woods For Seniors And Older Players 2019

If you’re reading this part of the article already, it’s safe to say that you now have a background on what are fairway woods and important these are in your games.

You might be too excited to get one of your own right now, but before you go from your front door, this list will save you time and will help you decide which one to purchase. Read on to know more about the best fairway woods which you might also love.  

Adams Golf Blue Fairway Wood

What’s great about this fairway wood is that the manufacturers took the time to address one long-standing issue that senior and older golf players usually have – gaining good launch height with shots consistently. So if you’ve been having this kind of problem for quite some time now, this fairway wood might be the one for you. Click here to see more photos


  •    This equipment has a simple point and shoot functionality, a feature which is very ideal for high handicappers who are looking to ease their way into fairway woods.
  •    It has an adequate accuracy and par for the class distance – all of these will help you have forgiving mishits every time you use this little number!


  •    You can’t find any adjustability or advanced configuration options once you purchase this.

Cobra King F6 Fairway Wood

Just like any other product that came from this brand, this equipment surely carries the brand’s trademark looks and styling.

You can tell this one apart from all other fairway woods out there. This equipment has been marketed as a game improvement club, but it can be a more capable driver suitable for all types of players.

It comes in adjustable weights and an adjustable hosel. With all of these, the Cobra King f6 Fairway Wood surely offers an extra layer of versatility for you. Click here to see more photos.


  •    This is a modern fairway wood, which gives you all the versatility and adjustable features you could need in every game. Different reinforcements from equipment are needed by different players, and this one has these all covered for you!
  •    It has an adaptable hosel and flexible lofts which you can alter easily whenever you’ll be playing in different situations and lies.


  •    You might need the time to tinker around this equipment to find the ideal setting for you.

TaylorMade M1 Fairway Wood

Sure, this can be used as a game improvement derivative, but it can give you more than that – this is a proper player oriented fairway wood.

It has improved adjustability (compared to preceding models) and delivers power and personalization.

It is equipped with speed pocket features on the sole which boosts your ball speed and forgiveness which will hit low in the face. Also has an adjustable sole weight and setting this one up is easy. Click here to see more pictures.


  •    It has two movable weights and 4 degrees of loft adjustments. You can tinker any of these to suit your skills and plays that you have. All of these can help you with your ball’s direction and flight.
  •    It has a high tech design which adds to the aura of a true pro grade club.


  • Some players may find the color combo too busy

Best Fairway Woods for Seniors and Older Players – Conclusion

As to choosing the best out of the top three listed in this article, we feel that if there was any real competition, it was between the highly affordable Adams Golf Blue Fairway Wood and the slightly more expensive TaylorMade M1 Fairway Wood.

These two were the pick of the lot because not only did they offer very forgiving performance with well-engineered club heads, they also offered something extra and enjoyable to more advanced golfers.

This is a significant advantage since they can still provide worthy service to golfers even after they improve their game to graduate from the oversized category.

Out of the two though, the TaylorMade M1 Fairway Woods superior finish and build quality, along with better overall performance marks it out as the clear winner. 


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