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Low Compression Golf Balls For Seniors & Older Golfers 2024

Isaac Asimov once said that the saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge before society gathers wisdom. Senior golfers can be affected by these misleading scientific claims, especially those related to golf ball distance. Swing speed plays a big part in getting the right ball for you, and many seniors would benefit from a low compression golf ball, like those reviewed below. 

In a hurry? Three of the best low compression golf balls for seniors on the market in 2024 are the Titleist Tour Soft, the Callaway SuperSoft and the Srixon Q-Star Tour. They are popular and loved amongst older golfers as their qualities are a better fit to a senior golfer’s game.

The low compression balls react better when hit with clubs at lower swing speeds, giving longer driving distance and accuracy, as well as improved performance around the greens, with soft feel allowing for improved touch and more up-and-downs.

Best Rated Low Compression Golf Balls for Seniors 2024: Quick Comparison

Best Overall Titleist TourSoft
  • 2 Piece
  • Surlyn cover
  • Soft feel
  • Moderate greenside spin
  • Compression: 65
  • High trajectory
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Lowest Compression Callaway SuperSoft
  • 2 Piece
  • Cover: Surlyn
  • Very soft feel
  • Greenside spin: moderate
  • Compression:38
  • Low trajectory
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Best Value for Money Taylor Made Project S
  • 3 Piece
  • Ionomer cover
  • Soft feel
  • Low greenside spin
  • 60 compression
  • Medium trajectory
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Younger Seniors Srixon Q-Star Tour
  • 3 Piece
  • Cover material: Urethane
  • Medium / Soft feel
  • Moderate / High greenside spin
  • Compression:75
  • Medium / high trajectory
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Best for Wild Things Bridgestone E6
  • 3 Piece
  • Surlyn cover
  • Medium / soft feel
  • Greenside spin: moderate
  • 44 compression
  • Trajectory: medium / high
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So, which is the best low compression golf ball for older golfers? Do you need the lowest compression ball there is, or do you need the best ball for a slow swing speed? The reviews below provide information on the five most popular balls on the market.

Low Compression Golf Balls for Seniors: Reviews

1. Titleist Tour Soft 

Best Overall

The number 1 ball in golf is the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x, which have more wins on the PGA Tour than any other golf ball year on year.

It stands to reason that the best low compression golf ball on the market is the Titleist Tour Soft, as Titleist balls are renowned for their consistency, build-quality, and great feel. 

The Titleist Tour Soft offers the best of all worlds if you look at the data in the table.

The compression rate is 65, which comes between standard “professional ball” compressions, which are normally 90 or 100 compression, and the lowest compression golf balls.

As such, if you have never tried a lower compression golf ball before, they are a great start point and will help you maximize the distance from your swing.

It is a 2-piece construction with a soft feel and moderate spin rates, but it offers a higher trajectory than other balls, which will also add to your distance.

The old maxim is you get what you pay for, and the Titleist Tour Soft is the most expensive of the most popular low compression balls on the market. However, with the reduced side spin and increased distance, you will lose fewer balls than you do now.

Plus, t’s less expensive than other, higher compression Titleist products. 

If you normally play a Titleist, you will get the same feel from the TourSoft as the NXT Tour or the old HP Tour if you can remember that far back.

The feel around the greens is good as always with this brand, although the TourSoft are a little softer than the NXT.

As such, you will have more control on the greens and be able to give putts more of a go. From the fairway, the height from your iron shots will be noticeably higher, giving you a softer landing on the green. That means that you are more likely to be putting rather than chipping. 

There are no downsides to changing to the TourSoft and many upsides, so if you want longer and higher drives, more accurate and higher-flying irons, more control on and around the green, and lower scores, why not give them a try.

They are the best choice in the low compression golf ball category.


  • Premium Feel
  • High-Scoring in all Categories
  • Better suited to the standard senior golfer
  • Titleist Quality


  • Most Expensive on the list

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2. Callaway SuperSoft

Lowest Compression Golf Ball for Seniors

The reason many people use higher compression balls is that they believe they will go further, as they are told this by advertisements, and the feel of the ball makes you convinced it will do so.

The harder covers, denser cores, and the word DISTANCE all give the impression they are the long ball for everyone, but this design is only optimal for higher swing speeds.

DISTANCE golf balls say they produce more distance, and for those with fast swings they do, but they are not colloquially called “bricks” for nothing, as they provide poor feel around the greens, and actually reduce the distance the ball travels for most senior golfers.

A ball that will provide more distance for those with slower swing speeds is the ball with the lowest compression, the Callaway Supersoft.

This has become a popular option for senior golfers around the world because the really low compression reduces the spin rate, which means longer drives, greater levels of accuracy, and great feel around the greens, ideal for those who know where a score is made.

The SuperSoft has a lower trajectory than other low compression golf balls, so it is especially useful for golfers who play courses that are windy or have hard running fairways.

The accuracy offered from drives, combined with the low trajectory can allow wisdom to better science, and let you play your second from near to your younger and faster swinging playing partners. 

The cover uses a patented Tri-Nomer technology, which Callaway says offers the ability to spin wedges.

This may be true for the higher level, fast swinging golfer, but it is not something that is necessary for seniors and older golfers who have the wisdom to know that very few shots go through the back of the green.

The feel is more than adequate for most golfers to control the ball when putting or chipping, and you will be able to give putts quite a good hit on most greens.

Costing a lot less than the Titleist, the Callaway Super Soft offers an extreme solution to fairly common senior golfer problems.

If you have never tried a Callaway ball, they are a high-quality product with a solid and consistent feel, they are well-priced, and if you already use and like a low compression golf ball then they are worth a try to see if you can eek that little bit extra out of your swing. 


  • Long off the tee
  • Perfect for windy and fast courses
  • Good feel around the green


  • Mushy feel for faster swings

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3. Taylor Made Project S

Best Value for Money

The best value ball tested was the Taylor Made Project S, which offers a soft feel that is perfect for mid to high handicappers.

The distance off the tee was noticeably increased thanks to its patented Ionomer cover, and the low spin rate made a big difference with the ball through the air.

With a low price point, the Taylor Made Project S feels ready-made for seniors who enjoy the social side as much as the golf, and for those who like to see it fly. 

With a slower swing speed, the time the ball spends on the clubface is longer, so the ball “trampolines” off the club face.

This is illegal in driver technology nowadays, but the ball is allowed to create that effect, and lower compression balls do that well. 

Also, unlike a higher compression ball, the Taylor Made Project S reduces the effect of this spin, so the ball travels forward rather than sideways, increasing distance for those who no longer smash it like they used to, whilst providing the feel senior golfers like in the scoring zone. 


  • Great distance
  • High trajectory
  • Great value for money


  • Lacks a bit feel around the greens

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4. Srixon Q-Star Tour 

Best for Low Handicappers / Younger Seniors

The Srixon Q-Star Tour ball has the highest compression of all the balls tested, and is perhaps best suited to younger and fitter seniors, or those who play to lower handicaps.

It offers the benefits of lower compression, in that it has lower spin rates and will generate greater distance from your swing, but it also offers the control and the potential of spin from irons, a property enhanced by its urethane cover.

Srixon claims that the cover will expand into the grooves at impact, increasing spin rates from iron shots, which will result in better control on landing.

The Q-Star Tour is a 3 piece ball so it offers higher levels of feel than the other lower compression balls, with the testers all reporting great feel from chip shots and when putting, especially on faster greens.

It offers a happy mix of distance and soft feel, and is a good option for those looking for their first lower compression golf ball.


  • 3 piece, urethane golf ball
  • Easy to control and shape
  • Long and low spin off the tee


  • High spin rates

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5. Bridgestone E6 

Best for Wild Things

The Bridgestone E6 offers “graduated” compression, so the compression rating is difficult to give as a figure.

What can be stated as a fact is that this ball is long, and the spin rates generated are very low indeed.

The technology in the ball allows for low spin rates even when the hit is “off-centre”, so this is an option that should be considered by those more familiar with the scenic route than the middle of the fairway.

Higher compression balls increase the speed off the clubface and also the spin rate, so golfers who have problems with accuracy lose distance when the ball misses the fairway.

Combined with the loss of overall distance if hit with slower swing speed, they are not as optimal as the Bridgestone E6.

Although hot off the driver face, the feel around the greens is good and familiar to those who play with premium or 3 piece golf balls.

The spin rate is about 10% lower than higher compression balls, the effect of which is negated by the soft cover and slower greens on non-tournament courses preferred by seniors. 

Bridgestone balls are becoming increasingly popular after they were chosen by Tiger Woods and the E6 does not disappoint.

As a value alternative, with long-lasting durability, for mid-handicapper, they are well-worth considering.


  • A good all-rounder
  • Long off the tee
  • Straightening Technology


  • Difficult to shape shots
  • Doesn’t lead in any category

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lowest compression golfer balls


Low compression golf balls will improve the driving distance, greens in regulation, and feel around the greens for senior golfers.

And the golf balls above are high-quality products manufactured by reputable companies who understand that consistency and durability are key to their business.

The golf ball you play with is a very personal decision, but the golf ball you used in your younger days may not be the optimal choice now you are a senior golfer. If you feel you need a bit more distance and have never tried a low compression golf ball before then now is the time.

The best option for most older golfers is the Titleist Tour Soft. The Tour Soft know with their eyes closed.

However, they are not the only ball in town, and the most expensive on the list, and the other balls might be an option for you, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

The Srixon Q-Star Tour offers a hybrid between the low compression ball you need for distance and the feel you prefer to shape irons and spin wedges.

Those with slower swing speeds will prefer the lowest compression of the Callaway SuperSoft, and mid to high handicappers will enjoy the value, durability, and all-round offerings of the Bridgestone E6 and Taylor-Made Project S.

titleist ball older golfer

Those with wisdom know the only way to find the best ball for you is to get out there and hit them.

Enjoy your golf when you give them a try, and get back to us if we helped you enjoy golf that little bit more. 

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