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Titleist NXT Tour vs Titleist Pro V1 [Differences] Review & Comparison

Distance, Feel, Control and Spin are all important factors in the golf ball game and choosing the right combination can really change your game. Now more than ever balls have completely different characteristics that can have significant game improving properties. The trick is in choosing the best one for your game, and that’s going to come down to factors such as swing speed, handicap, and what part of your game needs the most improvement. So let’s have a look an interesting comparison below between the reigning King of balls, and a ball designed to give good players at a lower playing level a comparative performing ball.

Titleist NXT Tour vs. Pro V1 – so, which golf ball is better for your game? The short answer is that it depends. If you’re on a tight budget and have a slower swing speed the NXT golf ball is actually better for you than Pro V1. But if your swing speed is more than 100 mph and you need superior feel and spin around the greens then you should definitely go for Pro V1. In this article I’ll be discussing what the best choice for your game is and why.

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Titleist NXT Tour vs. Pro V1 Comparison Table

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Titleist  NXT Tour Review


  • Good value for money
  • Durability
  • Low Driver Spin rate



  • Less short game spin
  • Compromises on feel
  • Less workable



The Titleist NXT Tour offers medium to better golfers a cheaper alternative to the Pro V1, while still maintaining the characteristics of quality performing ball. Combining a large dual core with a soft Fusablend cover, you will benefit from lower spin rates off the tee and long irons, and a responsive feel around the greens.

The NXT has been designed to help players with medium swing speeds, achieve higher ball flights maximizing distance.

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Titleist  Pro V1


  • Exceptional feel
  • Short-game performance
  • Improved distance technology


  • Expensive
  • Designed specifically for better players



The number 1 golf ball on tour, it goes without saying that Titleist have designed a high performing ball that has incredible feel whilst not sacrificing any distance for the player with swing speeds around 95mph or higher.

This is the ultimate combination for a golf ball. The 2019 model has reduced the urethane cover thickness by 17% ! which means the casing layers below the skin can be thicker, improving ball speed and lowering spin on longer shots.

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Titleist NXT Tour vs. Titleist Pro V1: What Golf Ball Should You Use?

Off the tee

The NXT has lower spin rates off the tee giving greater control but doesn’t have the superb feel that the Pro V1 offers even off new spring face driver technology.

Fairway and rough

The NXT doesn’t have the stopping power of the ProV1, however, it does promote a higher ball flight meaning the ball is not coming in as hot on approaches. The ProV1 has enough grab to help you out even in second cut rough. Off the fairway, you are always confident enough that even longer irons will stop.


The NXT is long off the tee rewarding a more moderate swing speed.  The lower ball spin rate with woods and longer irons means less lateral deviation, translating into longer shots.

The ProV1 delivers exceptional distance with a lower penetrating flight designed for the better player who compresses the ball more.

Feel and greenside control

This is where the ProV1 comes in to its own with a soft grippy feel, and superior stopping power. The NXT doesn’t feel as responsive in terms of feel around the green, however, it still generates enough spin to keep you interested.


Historically, the main draw back off for ProV1 users is the durability, particularly with wedges. Advancements in skin technology have greatly improved this, however the NXT comes out on top here delivering great longevity for a high-performance ball.


Better players may not find the NXT as workable in comparison to the ProV1 due to its dimple pattern being designed to stabilize flight and reduce left and right deviation.


Pro V1’s are significantly more expensive.

Titleist NXT Tour vs ProV1


Titleist NXT Tour vs. Pro V1: And the winner is…

For players who compress the ball less due to a slower swing speed, the cheaper NXT may actually give you more control and distance. However, the Titleist Prov1 outweighs the cheaper NXT Tour in almost every category in terms of overall performance and feel.

Choosing between these two balls will come down to whether you judge the ball based simply on its attributes, in which case the ProV1 wins every time, or whether you value overall game benefits, sacrificing a little feel and grip.

Either way, both balls are in the top bracket of performance golf balls on the market currently.

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