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Wilson Duo vs Callaway Supersoft: Golf Ball Review & Comparison

Callaway Supersoft or Wilson Duo?  Both are two piece soft golf balls but which is better for my game?  What are the differences?  In this article, I’ll be discussing exactly that and much more. Keep reading to find out.

The short answer is the compression rating on both balls.  The Duo has a lower compression rating making it a “softer” ball suitable for golfers with slower swing speeds giving them greater distance off the tee.  See a more detailed comparison and Wilson Staff Duo vs Callaway Supersoft battle below.

Wilson Duo Vs Callaway Supersoft Comparison Table

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Wilson Staff Duo Review


  • Price/good value for money
  • Fun colour options
  • Amazing distance



  • Stop and control on the green
  • Very little feel of the club face, too soft for some players


The Wilson Staff Duo is a 2018 Golf Digest Gold Winner and comes in an amazing choice of seven new matte ball colors ranging from your traditional white to lime green.  The Duo has a compression reading of 29 making it one of the lowest and softest compressed balls there currently is on the market. 

Off the Tee? 

If you have a slow to average swing speed the Duo will give you added distance off the tee.

What about from the fairway and rough? 

One thing the Duo is not is a tour ball.  Therefore, don’t expect it to stop and zip back with your short irons and wedges.  However, the Duo does provide a piercing ball flight with your longer irons. 

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Callaway Supersoft Review


  • Fun colour options
  • Accuracy
  • New softer cover which gives you move spin on the green
  • Longer – due to the new redesigned hexagonal dimple pattern for improved low-spin aerodynamics


  • Slow spin means you can lose a little bit of control using longer irons


The Supersoft ball was first introduced by Callaway back in 2014 and has since gone on to become their best selling golf ball.

The Supersoft is available in dozen boxes however look out for the special promotion 15 ball boxes for even better value.  The new Supersoft is available in six fun colors, white, yellow and pink with new additions in red, green and orange.

The latest version of the Supersoft replaces the 2017 model.  The 2019 ball features new Low-Drag HEX Aerodynamics® that optimizes ball flight and increases distance even further, increasing “hang time” and reducing spin.

The “Super soft” feeling is generated from the compressed core combined with a soft trionomer cover to give an overall compression reading of 38.  The Supersoft is a two-piece construction ball compromising of both the new fast core and cover.

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Wilson Staff Duo vs Callaway Supersoft

Should I use the Supersoft or the Duo? 


In order to maximize your distance off the tee, it is helpful if you have an idea what your swing speed is. 

Generally speaking, the Supersoft ball was developed for golfers with an average swing speed of less than 95 mph.  The hang time and the reduced backspin means you will get lots of roll and huge distance.  The Duo will suit golfers with an average swing speed of 85 mph or lower.

One of the main advancements in recent years by manufacturers is the development of a “thinner” face on the driver.  The face is now constructed from materials that are both super strong and super thin. 

The result?  A trend towards lower compressed golf balls.  What benefits do you get from a lower compressed ball?  The ball compresses more against the face of the driver resulting in longer drives, much like a sling shot motion.

Therefore, if you have a slower swing speed you would get more distance from a lower compressed golf ball such as the Wilson Staff Duo. 

Feel and greenside control

A softer ball will also give you a better feel around the greens with the putter.  Both balls perform well for that “springy” feel off the putter face. 

The main criticism on both balls is the stop and control on the greens using your short irons and wedges.


One criticism leveled against all soft balls has been their tendency to cut up a little.  Durability, however, is also comparable on both balls with the Supersoft just edging it with their new trionomer cover.


The Duo is a couple of bucks cheaper on average per dozen than the Supersoft. 

Buying Tip: If you shop around you can get good discounts on multi buy deals.  You can save money by buying two boxes together instead of one box.

Wilson Staff Duo Vs Callaway Supersoft


Wilson Duo vs Callaway Supersoft: And the winner is…

The Supersoft and Duo are both excellent value for money soft golf balls.  They provide tour-performance feel for the mid to high handicapper with average to slow swing speeds. 

Both balls hold up well and are very durable, the Supersoft just edges the Wilson Staff Duo here thanks to the new formulated cover.  Both are available in fun colors to choose from and they won’t break the bank if you lose a few!

The new Supersoft will give a little more stop on the green than the Duo, however the Duo performs slightly better with long irons.  Both balls perform well on the green with a springy feel off the putter face. 

Both balls are highly recommended however the new Callaway Supersoft just edges out the Duo as the compression rating on the Duo may be just a little too low that it feels just a little too soft for most players.

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