Wilson Staff Duo review

Wilson Staff Duo vs. Titleist Pro V1 [Golf Ball Review & Comparison]

The Wilson Staff Duo is the world’s softest golf ball with a staggeringly low compression rate of 29, designed to give the casual golfer extra distance, and a golf ball that feels as soft, relatively speaking, to that of a Tour Pro smashing drives 350 yards. As all ways when making comparisons to the Titleist ProV1,  the competition invariably come up short when it comes to green side control and spin. Just because a ball feels really soft, it doesn’t always equate to more stopping power, so is the new Wilson Staff Duo any different ? Well according to Wilson, yes, due to the creation of a new surlyn cover which claims to spin more around the greens. So let’s dig in and see if the new Wilson Staff Duo does what it claims to do in comparison to the Pro V1.

Wilson Staff Duo vs. Titleist Pro V1 -which golf ball is the better choice? Both balls offer relative distance specs, but that’s where the comparison begins and ends. Side by side the Titleist Pro V1 out performs the Wilson in every department. Better players won’t be able to accept the lack of stopping power of the Wilson, and the low compression core of 29 will be just too soft for moderate swing speeds or for those golfers looking to improve. Below we look at this in more detail.

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Wilson Staff Duo vs. Titleist Pro V1 Comparison Table

WINNER Wilson Staff Duo
  • Three Piece surlyn cover
  • 29 compression - Super Low
  • Suits golfers with an average swing speed of less 85mph
  • Golfers with a driving distance of 160 to 220 yards (Carry + roll)
  • Soft feel with a mid ball flight
  • Pink, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange and Matte white
  • Mid range Price bracket
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Titleist Pro V1
  • Three piece Fusablend cover, dual core
  • 90 compression - High
  • Suits golfers with an average swing speed of 95+mph
  • Golfers with a driving distance of 180 + yards (Carry + roll)
  • Penetrating ball flight with superior green side spin
  • High Price bracket
  • Matte white, Yellow
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Wilson Staff Duo Review


  • Great Distance
  • Penetrating ball flight
  • Price



  • Drifts in strong winds
  • Lacks workability
  • Super low compression wont suit better ball strikers


The Wilson Staff Duo golf ball is a Wilsons newest super low compression ball, in fact the lowest compression ball currently on the market.

This is a value ball made for the casual golfer who wants extra distance without having to give up to much feel.

In addition, the seamless 302 dimple pattern reduces spin off the driver reducing lateral movement. This will come at the cost of being able to move the ball left and right, but again the ball is marketed at the golfer who needs some help with their game.

The overall spin around the greens is adequate without being amazing, but the unlike other low compression balls the trajectory is a nice penetrating mid flight.

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Titleist  Pro V1 Review


  • Superior short game control
  • Distance
  • Workability


  • Top brand price
  • Mid range durability
  • Suited for better players


The Titleist Pro V1 is still clearly the best premium ball on the market and preferred by more Pros on all tours worldwide.

The reason is the consistent innovation and overall performance.

This ball is now going further than ever, with less spin off the driver, and somehow has more grip than ever around the greens.

The 2019 model boasts a new 2.0 ZG Process Core designed to produce more speed and distance, while the cast urethane cover is 17% thinner, which somehow reduces spin on long shots. Better players are still going to love the distinctive responsive feel off irons, and the ability to shape shots.

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Wilson Staff Duo vs. Titleist Pro V1: Head to Head Battle

Off the tee

Both balls offer a nice mid-range penetrating ball flight with the Wilson feeling noticeably softer to the point where it lacks the responsiveness compared to the Pro V1.

The new dimple design of the Wilson noticeably reduces the affects of hooks and slices whereas the Pro V1 is easier to work and better in the wind.


The Wilson Staff Duo is a primarily a distance ball with some other features added in, so this ball does go a long way for golfers with slower swing speeds, especially with the Driver. It also goes straighter which promotes extra distance.

The Titleist Pro V1 is suited to the better player with faster swing speeds, who like to work the ball, but in comparison, overall distance is very even.

Feel and greenside control

The Pro V1 offers far more stopping power and control around the greens and on approach shots. This is most apparent from 50 yards in, where the Wilson Staff Duo rolls out a lot more.

For the casual golfer, the spin of the Wilson will be adequate enough for chipping and wedge play, and the soft feel will install some confidence, however, the Pro V1 outperforms in every aspect of short game play.


The Wilson Staff Duo’s surlyn skin properties promote a long-lasting resilient cover that doesn’t seem to mark or scuff as much as other balls in this price bracket and outperforms the Titleist Pro V1 by several rounds of use.


The Titleist Pro V1 is preferred by better players because they like to shape the ball flight and knock it down into a head wind and this is where the Wilson cannot compete at all.

Marketed towards the golfer who needs game improvement, the dimple pattern of the Wilson is designed to reduce lateral movement thus making working this ball difficult.


Pro V1’s are a premium ball in the top price range whereas the Wilson Staff Duo is in the mid-range.

Wilson Staff Duo vs pro v1


Wilson Staff Duo vs. Titleist Pro V1: And the winner is…

If you are looking for more distance, specifically off the tee, and battle with a case of the hooks or slices, the Wilson Staff Duo could be the ball for you.

It has an incredibly low compression of 29, so for even the slowest of swing speeds, it is going to feel extremely soft, which for the casual golfer can be confidence building around the greens.

Unlike other low compression balls, the Wilson Staff Duo has a much more penetrating ball flight, which is noticeable with iron play. Unfortunately, the lack of real control around the greens and on approach shots will be a problem for some golfers. For such a soft ball the Wilson rolls out too far on wedge shots, and doesn’t check up anywhere near the amount of the Titleist Pro V1.

If the Wilson flew considerably further than the Pro V1 then you might be able to justify the lack of short game control, but there is very little in terms of distance between these balls so the Pro V1 comes out a clear winner here based on overall ball attributes.

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