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Best Golf Swing Analyzer 2024: Reviews (Golf Shot Tracker Comparison)

Pricey Trackman and FlightScope launch monitors are hot topics of discussion, but swing analyzers however look to bring similar technology to the regular golfer at an affordable price point. Let’s find out what are the best golf swing analyzers in 2024.

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Best-Rated: Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

The Arccos Smart Caddie provides accurate and very reliable golf shot data in a compact format via a mobile app. This course management coach provides valuable data that can help to improve the golf games of any golfer regardless of their skill level. 

Best Pick for Golfers on a Budget: Golf Pad TAGS

The Golf Pad TAGS swing analyzer is an exceptional method that allows the average golfer to obtain advanced data about both their golf swing and golf shots. With 14 tags that fit into the back of your grip, it is the closest you’ll get to having a professional caddie on your bag, we recommend it for most golfers.

Best Golf Swing Analyzers 2024: Quick Comparison

Best Rated Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors
  • 14 sensors per set
  • A.I. powered system that connects to an app
  • Annual subscription is required to use
  • Above average price tag
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Runner Up Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer
  • Single device
  • 3D powered device that connects to an app
  • Average price tag
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Best Value for Money Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer
  • 2 sensors (swing & stroke analyzers)
  • Annual subscription is required to use
  • Average price tag
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Budget Golf Swing Analyzer Golf Pad TAGS Swing Analyzers
  • 15 sensors per set
  • A.I powered system that connects to an app
  • No annual subscription
  • Very affordable price tag
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Golf Swing Analyzer: Reviews

1. Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors 

Best Golf Swing Analyzer 


  • The Arccos Caddie smart sensors are award-winning golf swing analyzers 
  • With the purchase of Arccos smart sensors, you gain access to the award-winning Arccos Caddie app
  • These smart sensors capture data automatically 
  • The A.I. powered Arccos Caddie smart sensors are pack with technology that calculates distances which take factors such as temperature and humidity into account
  • Post round personal performance break down of strokes gained
  • Sensors fit on the butt end of your golf clubs/grips
  • Full set includes 14 sensors, this ensures that a sensor can be fitted to every club in your bag 


  • Not all golfers are interested in the analytics of their round, for most casual golfers it is about having fun and their focus isn’t on the statistics of their round 
  • In addition to purchasing the sensors, an annual subscription is also required to use these swing analyzers and the Arccos Caddie app. 

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors Review

The Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors are some of the most cutting edge technological advances that have been made in the golf industry over the last 5 – 10 years.

These smart swing analyzers are powered by A.I and their functionality is very impressive. 

The Arccos Caddie swing analyzers adjust in real-time to calculate the distance of your shot out on the golf course. This is an impressive feat, but what makes it more impressive is the fact that it takes elevation, wind, temperature, and humidity into account when calculating the distance. 

In addition to providing on course information, the Arccos Caddie smart swing analyzer also tracks your performance throughout your round.

At the end of each round advanced analytics are available to you to give you insights into your round in terms of strokes gained, average distances per club, etc. 

If technology and stats about your golf game are of interest to you then you should invest in the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors.

Not only will these swing analyzers be of great interest to you but they will also provide you with cutting edge technology that will assist you on your journey of improving your golf game. 

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2. Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Runner Up Best Golf Swing Analyzers


  • The Zepp Golf 2 swing analyzer uses 3D technology to track your golf swing and to provide feedback in real-time
  • Measures important swing aspects including swing speed 
  • The Zepp smart coach app offers personalized training programs based on key data points
  • Swings can be reviewed and replayed from any angle
  • Swings can be recorded and compared to leading LPGA and PGA Tour professionals 


  • The Zepp Golf 2 is a small device that fits onto your glove, care needs to be taken to ensure that it doesn’t get lost by accident 
  • The Zepp Golf 2 needs to be charged before almost every round 

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer Review 

The Zepp Golf 2 golf swing tracker is jam-packed with cutting-edge technology.

This small device fits onto the back end of your glove and it is mind-blowing to think that this ‘simple’ device can measure so many different data points. 

The Zepp Golf 2 measures all of the most relevant golf swing data points including clubhead speed, hand speed, club plane, tempo, and backswing length.

After every shot, a 3D analysis of your swing is available to view on the Zepp Smart Coach app. 

The Zepp Golf 2 does more than just to analyze your swing, it also evaluates your swing and provides training programs that are focussed on improving your swing based on thousands of data points that are collected by the tracker on your glove.

In addition to providing training programs, it also allows you to track the progress of your golf swing. 

If your coach utilizes the Zepp Golf 2 coaches platform they will be able to track your golf swing in real-time out on the golf course.

Gone are the days where mixed feedback is given to coaches, thanks to this powerful device coaches can work based on facts and important data points. 

The Zepp Golf 2 unfortunately does have some cons. The fact that it fits onto your glove is great, but it is also very easy to forget about it and it can get lost if you don’t actively keep track of it.

The device is battery powered and needs to charge for 1.5 hours at a time, with a battery life of 8 hours you will have to remember to charge your Zepp at least after every 2nd round that you play.  

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3. Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer 

Best Value for Money Golf Swing Analyzer 2024


  • The Blast Golf swing analyzer is packed with cutting edge technology 
  • The Blast features both a short game and bunker mode 
  • Personalized training plans based on your full swing data analytics 
  • The Blast swing sensors attach to the butt end of your grips for ease of use 
  • Data points provide instant feedback on key swing metrics 
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices 


  • An annual subscription is required along with purchasing the Blast Motion swing analyzer system 
  • Sensors need to be moved around depending on the club that you want to capture data for 

Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer Review

The Blast Motion golf swing analyzer is a high tech swing tracker that offers exceptional value for money.

The Blast system features two attachments, one for your putter and the other for your woods/irons.

The swing and stroke analyzers capture data and the data points are viewed via the Blast Golf app that can be downloaded via both the iOS or Android app stores. 

The Blast Golf app can also be utilized to capture videos of your swing.

The video will be synced with the data from your swing which gives you ample information to get to know the ins and outs of your golf swing. 

The Blast Golf app features drill and training libraries that you can access based on the findings of your golf swing or putting stroke data. 

The Blast Motion is a swing analyzer and doesn’t offer data points that relate to your shot such as distance, but it does provide very useful information about your golf swing that is sure to add purpose and intent to your practice sessions on the driving range. 

The Blast system can produce data points for your short game, long game, and putting stroke.

Measured data points include tempo, stroke/swing time, tempo stroke/swing length, angle of attack, face angle at impact, and a host of other data points that provides insights into the technical aspects of your golf swing. 

If you are in the market for a swing analyzer that focuses on improving your golf swing then look no further than the Blast Motion. 

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4. Golf Pad TAGS Swing Analyzers 

Best Budget Golf Swing Analyzers 


  • Easy to use golf swing analyzer that utilizes sensors that connects to an app 
  • The Golf Pad TAGS fits onto the butt end of your grips and don’t require batteries or charging 
  • Tracks important data points including distance traveled per shot, shot dispersion, fairways and greens hit or missed and a host of other stats
  • The Golf Pad GPS app is free to download and use 
  • The app is compatible with 40 000 golf courses across the globe
  • The app is compatible with both iOS and Android and can be used on both your mobile phone or smartwatch
  • The Golf Pad TAGS system retails at an affordable price point 


  • Golf Pad is a relatively new startup company and they haven’t established themselves yet within as a leader in the golf industry 
  • The Golf Pad TAGS don’t measure swing related data points such as clubhead speed, hand speed, etc. 

Golf Pad TAGS Swing Analyzers Review 

The Golf Pad TAGS swing analyzers might be relatively unknown but these budget golf swing trackers can hold their own against the best in the business.

The easy to install system includes 15 lightweight, durable tags that fit onto the butt end of your grips. 

Each tag is scanned and imported onto the free Golf Pad app, when scanning tags for the first time it allows you to allocate the club that the tag is fitted onto.

Through the app, each shot that you hit during a round is recorded. The data allows you to track your round in real-time through data points that relate to distance, dispersion, and greens and fairways hit or missed. 

The Golf Pad TAGS does more than just to capture and analyze your swing data.

It also evaluates this data which allows the system to provide you with club recommendations based on the distance to the target, elevation change, temperature, humidity, and altitude.  

This affordable system will be the perfect addition to the bag of any golfer that is serious about improving their golf games through the use of key data and statistics. 

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golf shot analyser

Golf swing tracker and golf shot tracker: what’s the difference? Are they the same thing?

Golf swing trackers and golf shot trackers feature a host of common characteristics but a small difference does exist between the two. 

Golf swing trackers collect data points that are directly correlated with your golf swing. These data points include clubhead speed, hand speed, swing plane, tempo, backswing length, angle of attack, and a host of other data points. 

Golf shot trackers track your actual golf shot, thus the result of where your golf ball has ended up in relation to where the shot was played from.

Golf shot trackers track data points that are directly correlated with the result of your shot and these data points include shot distance, shot accuracy, dispersion with other shots hit with that club, etc.

Does a golf swing analyzer really help?

Golf swing analyzers and shot trackers provide valuable data that can help your golf game if interpreted correctly. 

Golf shot data such as distance and dispersion is easy to understand but swing data that relates to the angle of attack and plane can be confusing and it can lead you to adjust/fixing your swing in the wrong manner. 

Unless you are well versed with the technical aspects of a golf swing, enroll the help of a qualified coach to assist you with efficiently implementing these data points. 

How to maximize the benefits of a golf swing analyzer 

Data Interpretation 

Golf swing analyzers are very powerful devices that collect a host of different data points. In order to maximize the benefits of these devices, it is vital to interpret the data collected in an accurate manner.

Data is great but it is of no use if you don’t understand what these numbers mean for you and your golf swing. 

Consistent Use

Consistent use is very important to maximize the benefits of a golf swing analyzer.

With consistent use the data collected will improve in accuracy due to the bigger sample size and the recommendations made by your golf swing analyzer will provide insights that are both accurate and very valuable. 

golfer swing tracker review


Golf swing analyzers differ in a variety of different ways, some are focused on collecting swing data and others focus on collecting golf shot data. 

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors however collects data points that focus on both golf shot and golf swing data points. The advanced design of the Arccos continues to amaze and this golf swing analyzer is without a doubt the best golf swing analyzer available on the market in 2024. 

If you are in the market for a cheap golf swing analyzer then look no further than the Golf Pad TAGS swing analyzer system. Tis budget-friendly system is easy to use and provides important data points that can help with improving your golf game.

So there you have it – the top-rated golf shot trackers reviewed and compared. Let us know in the comment if you have any questions.

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