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Cleveland CBX Wedge Review & Comparison 2024

Cleveland has a long history of producing high-quality gold clubs and their CBX wedge range is no different. They are perfect for anyone who loves cavity back clubs and has an immense level of quality.

They feel great, look great and perform very well. Here we look into them a little bit deeper to see if they are the perfect choice for your golf bag. Let’s get this review started!

CBX Wedge: Quick Overview

Cleveland CBX Wedge
  • Lofts available: 46°/48°/50°/52°/54°/56°/58°/60°
  • Design: Cavity back
  • Face: Rotex technology
  • Shaft: Dynamic Gold 115 - Stiff Flex
  • Bounce angle: 9-12°
  • Length: 35-35.5”
  • Lie angle: 64°
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Cleveland CBX Wedge Review

The Cleveland CBX Wedge ticks all the right boxes. The club has a lovely feel and will be able to give you a surprising level of feedback when compared to other clubs.

You’ll know exactly where you hit the ball and the consistency of distance is very impressive.

It also offers a consistent amount of roll once the ball lands, allowing you to have a lot of confidence in your shots.

It’ll allow you to focus on your short game without worrying about your club. Added to these qualities, it also looks great. Everyone we’ve spoken to loves the club and it’s easy to see why.

Cleveland CBX technology

Over 80% of golfers prefer playing with a cavity back wedge and Cleveland has been able to excel in that type of design.

It allows the club to be a lot more forgiving than blade wedges and allows you to have a high level of control over your short game.

That’s helped by the Rotex face that enables you to get as much spin on the ball as you need. The feel is very balanced with an impressive feel and control of distance.

The Dynamic Gold 115 shaft is nice and light but will offer you the stability you need.

The V-shaped grind offers up a lot of forgiveness, especially on bunker shots which are a challenge for any club.

Overall it’s brilliantly designed with a level of technology that makes this a premium quality club.

Cleveland CBX Style

While how well it strikes the ball is always going to be the most important part of a club, you always want to look good.

Thankfully the CBX also excels there and it will look great with a stylish profile and high-quality materials.

In comparison with other wedges out there, it is one of the widest that you’re going to find. It manages to have that width without looking too cumbersome.

It’s a welcome addition to any golf bag and you’re sure to get some comments when you pull it out of your bag.

The Sound and Feel

One swing of this club and you’re going to love the way that it feels. By the time you make your downswing you’re going to feel in total control of what you’re doing. It offers brilliant stability throughout your stroke.

The large face of the club helps with that feel and the connection is soft while still giving you enough feedback.

The sound is pretty solid and while not being quite as soft as others out there. We’re sure you’ll be impressed with the sound and feel as it gives you everything you need.

The performance

As you can imagine from everything that we’ve said so far, the performance is very good.

The lack of versatility that can often be found with cavity back wedges can’t be seen here.

You’ll be able to play all of your shots which is helped by the low swing weight.

Control is absolutely vital and you get plenty of it here. A large reason for that is the V-shape and also the wide sole.

It makes it very hard to duff your shots. Expert golfers will love the performance but also novices will enjoy the control too.

The dynamic wedge works very well on full-blooded shots as well as chips and pitches. If you like a low level of bounce then it may not be for you as it has a fairly steep flight.

Some may prefer that and for that as the progressive profile will give you a lot of confidence.

Who Is CBX Wedge For?

It’s easy to say that this club was designed for everyone due to its versatility and performance. If you prefer not to play with cavity-back irons, however, it’s not for you.

If you’ve not tried one then it could be a good idea to join the 80%+ players who do.

Aside from that, the wide sole of the club makes it good for those who have a tendency to hit down on their shots. It’s also great for high-risk shots as the narrow heel allows you to open up the clubface to get the results you want.


While not being the most expensive wedge that you can get, it’s not on the lower end of the price scale.

It’s fairly pricey but most people are going to see it as excellent value for money. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality club.

If you’re a golfing novice on a budget then you may want to look at another option but for most golfers, it will be a brilliant addition to your bag.

As soon as you take a couple of swings with the club you’re not going to be disappointed.

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Cleveland CBX wedge: Pros and Cons


  • Great stability
  • Spin control
  • Excellent feel
  • Versatile design


  • High bounce
  • Price tag
CBX golf Wedges Review


It’s hard to pick many faults with this golf club. Whichever degree of loft you choose, it’s going to be able to give you the response and control that you need. It’s very high quality and will become a vital part of your set for years to come.

It may be a little expensive for some but with the level of performance it has, it still represents excellent value for money.

It’s highly recommended for any golfer and it has the added benefit of looking great too. Overall, Cleveland CBX wedge is a brilliant golf club.

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