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Best Golf Balls for High Handicapper Beginners 2019

Golf is hard, some of us have played the game for over 20 years and we still haven’t come close to figuring it out. The beauty of golf lies in its difficulty and the ongoing challenge of trying to master the game. Golf can be a frustrating journey for beginners. Luckily new golf ball and club technology makes it a lot easier for these high handicappers to get a good grasp of the game. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best golf balls currently available on the market for high handicapper beginners.  

What are the best golf balls for high handicapper beginners? Majority of new golfers play with any golf ball that they can find. If you are serious about improving and ditching the high handicapper status then playing with the correct golf ball is a must. Below we will look at factors to consider when buying a golf ball such as the construction of the golf ball, dimple pattern, compression, spin, price and a host of other factors.

  • 3 piece construction
  • Compression: 50
  • Delta dimple pattern with 326 dimples
  • Surlyn cover system
  • Affordable price tag
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RUNNER UP Callaway Supersoft
  • 2 piece construction
  • Compression: 38
  • Hexagonal dimple design with 332 dimples
  • Tri-onomer cover system
  • Average price tag
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  • 2 piece construction
  • Compression: 60
  • Dimples: 338
  • Ionomer cover system
  • Below average very affordable price tag
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  • 3 piece construction
  • Compression: 90
  • Dimples: 318
  • Cast urethane cover system
  • Above average but still affordable price tag
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#1 Bridgestone E6 Soft

Best Golf ball for High Handicapper

  • The e6 Soft offers exceptional distance as a result of high ball speeds and low spin rates
  • The Surlyn cover system of the e6 Soft isn’t just very durable, it also delivers exceptional soft feel on both short game and long game shots
  • The e6 Soft features Bridgestone’s signature Delta dimple pattern, this dimple pattern ensures both added distance and exceptional accuracy.
  • The e6 Soft retails at an affordable price tag
  • Low compression of 50, thus beginners will be able to compress this golf ball with ease in order to maximize performance
  • The e6 Soft has a very low compression, players with high swing speeds might prefer the feel of a mid/high compression golf ball

E6 Soft Review

Bridgestone are slowly but surely making a name for themselves in the golf ball industry. Two of the best players in the world, Tiger Woods and Bryson Dechambeau both play with Bridgestone golf balls. The Bridgestone e6 Soft golf ball is one, if not, the best golf ball for amateurs that money can buy.

This advanced 3 piece golf ball features a state of the art design thanks to the rigorous testing methods at Bridgestone. The design of the e6 Soft produces low spin rates off the tee and with long irons, low spin results in maximum distance and exceptional control.

The e6 Soft offers more than just distance, it features Bridgestone’s signature Delta dimple pattern, this dimple pattern is extremely aerodynamic and it encourages a straight penetrating ball flight. The e6 Soft features a durable Surlyn cover, this cover system ensures exceptional feel on both full and short game shots.

The e6 Soft features a premium design, but the best part is that it has a very affordable price tag. If beginners are looking for a high quality high performing golf ball then they should look no further than the e6 Soft from Bridgestone.  

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#2 Callaway Supersoft


  • The Supersoft offers exceptional distance as a result of its new ultra low compression core.
  • The design of the Supersoft further enhances distance with the help of its HEX dimple design. This dimple design is extremely aerodynamic which reduces drag and promotes lift, the end result is longer carry distances.
  • The Supersoft features a durable Tri-onomer cover system, this cover isn’t just durable it also delivers exceptional soft feel around the greens
  • With a compression of 38 the Supersoft is very easy to compress which makes it the perfect golf ball for beginners
  • Features a reasonable price tag
  • Available in a variety of different colors including: white, yellow, green, orange, pink and red


  • The Supersoft has a very low compression, beginners with high swing speeds might prefer the firm feel of a mid/high compression ball

Supersoft Review

The Supersoft is the softest most forgiving golf ball in Callaway’s extensive golf ball lineup. The Supersoft offers both exceptional soft feel and maximum distance. The Supersoft is a good golf ball for beginners for various reasons. The ultra-low compression core of the Supersoft compresses with ease, the result is high ball speeds, reduced spin, and maximum distance.

The ultra soft Tri-onomer cover system of the Supersoft ensures exceptional greenside control and feel, but don’t be alarmed this super soft cover is very durable. In addition, the affordable price tag of the Supersoft makes it a great option for high handicapper beginners.

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#3 Srixon Soft Feel

Best budget beginner golf ball

  • The Soft Feel features an advanced 2 piece design that promotes both distance and great feel
  • The energetic gradient growth core featured in the Soft Feel delivers high ball speeds which maximizes distance, it also delivers soft feel off of the clubface
  • Features a durable soft Ionomer cover system
  • The Soft Feel is a low/mid compression golf ball that is easy to compress by beginners in order to maximize performance
  • The 338 dimple pattern of the Soft Feel enhances distance and it delivers a consistent ball flight, this is evident in tough windy conditions
  • The Soft Feel is a high quality golf ball from a renowned brand in terms of golf ball design which retails at a very affordable price point
  • Two piece golf balls in general have low/mid compressions, beginners with high swing speeds might be better off by playing with a mid/high compression golf ball instead
  • The Soft Feel is a great golf ball for beginners, but as your game improves you will probably grow out of this golf ball

Soft Feel Review

The Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is one of the longest and straightest 2 piece golf balls currently available on the market. The Soft Feel is a good golf ball for beginners given the fact that it is long, has exceptional feel and it is also very affordable.

Srixon is one of the best golf ball manufacturers in golf and their technology is evident in the Soft Feel. The core of the Soft Feel is a energetic gradient growth core, this core design features a soft center which becomes gradually firmer around the perimeter. The end result of this new core is faster ball speeds for maximum distance and soft feel off of the clubface.

The 338 dimple pattern of the Soft Feel is Srixon’s signature dimple pattern, it reduces drag which in return maximizes distance and promotes a penetrating flight, this is especially useful in windy conditions.   

Distance is important for any high handicapper beginner but it is just as important to have a golf ball with soft feel. The Soft Feel features a durable Ionomer cover, this cover features a very thin design that produces spin on shots around the green and it has exceptional feel on the greens.

The Soft Feel delivers exceptional performance at a very competitive price point, it will be a great golf ball for any high handicapper beginner.

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#4 Vice Pro

Best mid/compression golf ball for beginners

The 3 golf balls that we reviewed and compared above are 3 high quality golf balls that will make a difference in the bag of any high handicapper beginner. All 3 of these golf balls are low compression golf balls that will work great for players with slow/average swing speeds. Let’s take a look at a great mid/high compression golf ball option that will work great for fast swinging high handicapper beginners.

  • The Vice Pro offers exceptional greenside control and feel
  • The 318 dimple design of the Vice Pro delivers great control and a stable ball flight, this is especially true in windy conditions
  • The high energy speed core of the Vice Pro increases ball speeds which optimizes distance
  • The Vice Pro is a 3 piece premium golf ball and its design mirrors that of the Titleist Pro V1
  • The Vice Pro is available in a host of different colors including: white, red and neon lime
  • The high compression of the Vice Pro makes it ideal for high handicapper beginners with above average fast swing speeds
  • Vice is a newcomer to the golf ball industry, beginners might not recognize the name  
  • It is slightly more expensive in comparison to other 2 piece golf balls that are ideal for high handicapper beginners

Vice Pro Review

The Vice Pro is a 3 piece golf ball that delivers in terms of distance and control. It features a high energy speed core, this core design increases ball speeds which in return maximizes distance. A soft cast urethane cover is featured in the design of the Vice Pro, this cover isn’t just durable, it also delivers soft greenside feel.

The 318 dimple pattern of the Vice Pro promotes a stable ball flight which is evident in both calm and windy conditions. The Vice Pro is slightly expensive, but it is the most affordable option for players that are seeking a high compression golf ball.  

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newbie golfer balls

Beginners guide to finding the best golf ball

With so many different options available on the market deciding which golf ball to play with is no easy task. Majority of high handicapper beginners will go for either the cheapest option or they will choose a brand that they are familiar with such as Titleist. This approach won’t work if you are serious about getting rid of the high handicapper beginner label.

This beginners guide will educate you on what to look for when choosing a golf ball. It will also teach you about golf ball terminology and at how it applies to you and your golf game.


The construction of the golf ball refers to the design complexity of the golf ball. Top of the range premium golf balls feature complex 4 and 5 piece designs. In comparison standard golf balls feature either 2 or 3 piece designs.

Golf balls with 2 or 3 piece designs might not feature all of the technology that one would find in a complex 4 or 5 piece golf ball but it doesn’t make them inferior to their counterparts. Majority of 2 and 3 piece golf balls feature designs that are ideal for both beginners and high handicappers.

In general 2 and 3 piece golf balls feature a lower compression which is ideal for beginners and they are also a lot more affordable. Price is particularly important considering the fact that beginners tend to lose quite a few golf balls per round.


Different golf balls feature different dimple patterns. The dimples on a golf ball affect the aerodynamics of the golf ball. In beginners terms it means that a good dimple design will ensure a ball flight which maximizes distance and control.  

Majority of golf balls feature either spherically tiled or hexagonal dimple patterns. As a high handicapper dimple patterns aren’t something that you should be too concerned about.


The cover of the golf ball refers to the outer layer of the golf ball. Majority of golf ball covers are made out of Urethane. Urethane is a strong durable material, as a beginner, it is important to play with a golf ball that has a durable cover. Durable covers will still look like new even after colliding with a few trees along the way to the green.

In addition, the cover of the golf ball also contributes towards feel. Feel is important in terms of short game control. A softer cover will feel a lot better off of the clubface when you are either chipping or putting. A golf ball with soft feel will assist with control and speed around the greens


Compression is arguably the most important factor to look at when choosing which golf ball to buy as a beginner. In order to get optimal performance out of the golf ball one has to be able to compress it. Adequate compression results in maximum distance and optimal spin rates.

Swing speed and compression are directly correlated. Players with a slow swing speed will be best off playing with a low compression golf ball. On the other side of the spectrum players with a high swing speed will be better off by using a high compression golf ball. Majority of amateurs fall into the middle of this range where a mid compression golf ball is best.

If you are uncertain about your swing speed opt for a mid compression golf ball. An easy way to find out in which swing speed bracket you fall is to go and test out a few drivers at a golf retailer with a launch monitor. A few shots on there and they will be able to give you all the information you need about your swing speed.  


Some golf balls are known for their distance and others are known for their feel. Majority of high handicap beginners lack distance. By playing with the correct golf ball you will be able to maximize distance. Compression and the design of the golf ball will determine if the golf ball is designed for distance or greenside control.

Do research about different golf balls to determine what their main design characteristics are and to figure out if they will deliver what you are looking for.  

amateur golfer equipment


Skilled amateur and professional players that like to shape the golf ball need to consider the workability of the golf ball. As a high handicapper beginner workability isn’t something to be worried about. Some golf balls are known for delivering a straight piercing ball flight, others offer workability.

Feel and greenside control

Feel and greenside control is very important. A 300 yard drive and a 2 foot putt both count 1 shot. It is important to play with a golf ball that delivers good feel off of the clubface on and around the greens.

Majority of 2 and 3 piece golf balls tend to be firmer but there are some great options available on the market that deliver exceptional results both on and around the greens. A good golf ball for a beginner will offer both distance and greenside control.


Golf balls are traditionally white. Optic yellow golf balls have become very popular and many believe that they are easier to track in the air. You don’t have to play with a boring white golf ball, golf balls can be found in almost any color of your choice.  


Price is an important factor to consider. Premium golf balls are expensive and if you lose a few of those per round your new hobby might bankrupt you. As a high handicapper beginner play with a golf ball that will benefit both your game and your wallet. If are going to spend money rather spend money on golf lessons instead of on premium golf balls.


Are Pro V1’s good for beginners?

Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are some of the best golf balls on the market. Pro V1’s feature a complex design with a mid to high compression that promotes both distance and exceptional greenside control and feel.

Pro V1’s aren’t bad for a beginner and they will enjoy the great feel that this golf ball has to offer but there are other golf balls that might be a better option. High handicapper beginners more often than not struggle with distance and a low compression golf ball will be easier to compress than a Pro V1, the result will be added distance and a better chance at reaching the green in regulation.

Do golf balls matter for beginners?

Yes and no, if you are playing purely for the fun then it doesn’t matter which golf ball you play with, but if you are serious about improving then it does matter.

Golf is hard enough as is and playing with the wrong equipment only makes it more difficult. If you want to ditch the high handicapper label then you definitely have to play with the golf ball that is best for you and your game.

Do golf balls make a difference?

Yes, golf balls definitely make a difference. A good example to think about is the following: at the driving range, you might hit your 7 iron 130 yards, all of a sudden you get onto the golf course and it now goes 150 yards.

Driving range golf balls have been hit hundreds if not thousands of times, they feature very basic designs and they are probably not the best fit for you. Playing with a golf ball that is optimal for your swing speed can really make a big difference in your game.

Are golf balls all the same?

The answer is a big no. Golf balls all differ in design, yes they do have similar features but every golf ball has something in its design which makes it unique.

high handicapper golf ball


So, what are the best golf balls for high handicapper beginners in 2019?

Many golfers underestimate the power of playing with a good golf ball. By playing with a golf ball that is right for your game you can easily gain both distance and control. As a high handicapper beginner it might not seem important but the correct golf ball can help your journey into the game of golf progress a lot faster.

Low compression golf balls such as the Bridgestone e6, the Callaway Supersoft, and the Srixon Soft Feel are all great options for beginners. If you are a fast swinging beginner then the Vice Pro is the way to go.

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