Best Golf Drivers for Seniors 2019 [90-100 mph or Slower Swing Speeds]

To help you ease into the game, these drivers especially built for seniors with a swing speed 90-100 mph or slower have been reviewed and compared until only one gets chosen as the best. Ready? Let’s do it!

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What Should Seniors and Older Players Look Out for When Buying a Driver?

As most seniors and older players of golf have slower swing speeds compared to golfers below 50, you would want to consider the following when going out shopping for a driver.

Shaft material

Driver shafts are made out of either graphite or steel.

  • As steel shafts are heavier, you would want to stick to using a driver with a graphite shaft instead.
  • A driver with a graphite shaft can greatly improve your swing speed, accuracy, and control.

Shaft flex grade

Driver shafts have five flex grades, one of which is A that stands for senior (though it should be noted here that A used to stand for amateur which has since become obsolete).

  • However, just because you’re a senior or older player doesn’t mean that you’d have to relegate yourself to using just a driver with a senior flex shaft.
  • The kind of flex grade that your driver’s shaft should have depends on your swing speed.
  • If your swing speed is between 70 and 85 miles per hour, you should use a driver with a senior flex shaft.
  • On the other hand, if your swing speed is higher than 85 miles per hour, you should use a driver with either a regular or stiff flex shaft.
  • Lastly, if your swing speed is below 70 miles per hour, you should use a driver with a ladies flex shaft.


In golf parlance, the loft of a club refers to the angle formed between its shaft and face.

  • While regular drivers have a maximum loft of only 12 degrees, the ones especially constructed for seniors and older players have lofts that reach up to 14 degrees.
  • You should determine your swing speed as the loft you’ll need for your driver depends on it.
  • You can calculate your swing speed with either a computerized launch monitor or manually.
  • The higher your swing speed is, the less loft you’ll need for your driver.

Best Driver for Senior Golfer with 90-100 mph or Slower Swing Speed in 2019

With so many drivers to choose from, trying to decide which driver to buy can seem like a thankless task. Good thing for you then that three of the best drivers for seniors and older players that are currently available on the market and surprisingly within the $350 price range have been compiled here and reviewed for your consideration.

Adams Blue Driver

Setting itself apart from most other drivers with its blue color, the Adams Blue Driver has been around for a couple of years already as part of Adams Golf’s Blue line of clubs.

  • The sole of the Adams Blue Driver’s head has a velocity slot that increases ball speed.
  • The Adams Blue Driver is being offered in three lofts, namely 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees.


  • The Adams Blue Driver’s color alone should inspire confidence among seniors and older players alike.
  • Its graphite shaft makes for an easy and light yet stable swing that’s very much in line with recent golf club manufacturing trends, one of which is to make club shafts more lightweight while minimizing wobble.


  • The sound produced by the Adams Blue Driver upon impact after hitting the ball feels a bit hollow which can be jarring and takes some time getting used to.
  • You would have to deal with just three lofts while using the Adams Blue Driver as you can’t adjust it to greater than 12 degrees.


Ping G25 Driver

The fourth one to come out of golf club manufacturer Ping’s G line of drivers, the Ping G25 Driver is a testament to Ping’s reputation as a brand that puts out some of the most forgiving clubs ever made.

  • The Ping G25 Driver comes in four lofts, namely 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees.
  • While its understated design leaves a lot to be desired, the Ping G25 Driver makes up for it by providing loft adjustability.


  • You can fine tune each of the four lofts that the Ping G25 Driver offers by 0.5 degrees lower or higher.
  • Hitting the ball using the Ping G25 Driver sends it high and straight every time.


  • Some seniors and older players might find the head of the Ping G25 Driver a bit too large compared to most other drivers which can be a confidence killer if you’re not used to the sight of a huge club head.


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Cleveland 588 Custom Driver

While Cleveland Golf originally used the name 588 to refer to the fifth wedge (the 5 in 588) that it had put out way back in 1988 (the 88 in 588), it has since been used for non-wedge clubs, one of which is the Cleveland 588 Custom Driver.

  • The black, gold and silver color scheme of the Cleveland 588 Custom Driver allows it to set one foot on the classic style that the original 588 was known for while putting the other foot on embracing modern, innovative design.
  • The Cleveland 588 Custom Driver has two default lofts, namely 9 and 10.5 degrees.


  • Despite having only two default lofts, the Cleveland 588 Custom Driver offers a wide range with a minimum and maximum of 1.5 degrees for each of the two lofts with 12 settings to choose from.
  • The head of the Cleveland 588 Custom Driver has a 3-gram weight screw at its back which you can remove and replace with either a 7- or 11-gram weight screw if you want to increase your launch angle.


  • The sheer amount of adjustability options offered by the Cleveland 588 Custom Driver can become a bit overwhelming, especially if all you want to do is to just use the damn driver without tinkering it too much.
  • The crown of the Cleveland 588 Custom Driver’s head has a thin line of gold on it which could’ve been replaced by a more useful visual alignment aid instead.

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Best Golf Drivers Seniors

So Which Golf Driver Is Best for Seniors with 90 -100 mph or Slower Swing Speed in 2019?

As you’ll be using your driver to make your opening shots from the teeing ground, it’s important to choose the best one that’s very much suited for your age as a senior or older player embarking in the world of golf.

Even if you might be inclined to believe that Cleveland Golf has nothing but the best of intentions when it came out with the Cleveland 588 Custom Driver, its several adjustability options can be rather off-putting and you might not even need to constantly tweak your driver anyway.

As for the Adams Blue Driver, its blue color might make for eye candy but not being able to adjust its loft to greater than 12 degrees is a deal breaker.

It’s more than clear then that the best driver for seniors and older players with a swing speed 90-100 mph or slower is no other than the Ping G25 Driver as it provides just the right amount of loft adjustability without making things more complicated than they are as long as you can live with having to carry a driver with a slightly oversized head.

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