Bridgestone B330 RX vs Titleist Pro V1

Bridgestone B330 RX vs Titleist Pro V1: Golf Ball Review & Comparison

Titleist is renowned for being the best in terms of golf ball manufacturing. Their Pro V range of golf balls is the golf ball of choice for majority of professional golfers around the globe. Bridgestone doesn’t just manufacture tires, they also design and produce high-quality golf balls that can hold their own against all of the leading golf ball manufacturers. The Bridgestone range of golf balls are becoming more widely played on professional tours.

Tiger Woods, arguably the best golfer over the last two decades, and rising star Bryson DeChambeau both choose Bridgestone as their golf ball of choice. Let’s do a head to head comparison between the trusted Pro V1 and the B330 RX from Bridgestone to help you find a new trusted golf ball of choice.  

In short, the battle between the Pro V1 and the B330 RX is tightly contested. Both offer maximum distance and control, but the Pro V1 offers slightly more greenside control and feel. It is tough for any golf ball to compete against the Pro V1 but the B330 RX is turning out to be a worthy opponent.

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Titleist is regarded as the number one ball in golf, but instead of jumping to conclusions let’s give the B330 RX a chance to show its mettle by comparing these two golf balls in terms of distance, feel, durability and price.

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Bridgestone B330 RX Review


  • Premium tour level golf ball that is designed for the average amateur player
  • Gradational compression core design that promotes maximum distance and control
  • Affordable price tag
  • Durable Urethane cover design


  • Harder feel and less spin around the greens in comparison to other premium golf balls
  • Might be hard to find since they aren’t a new release


The B330 RX has stood the test of time. It has been roughly 5 years since its release and it is still one of the best high-end golf balls available on the market. The B330 RX revolutionized the golf ball market with its release and it can be described as the “tour ball for players with amateur level swing speeds.” Its 3-piece design offers maximum distance with good greenside feel, exactly what is expected from a tour preferred golf ball.  

The B330 RX features a gradational compression core that is easy to compress for slower swinging players with an average swing speed below 105 mph. Optimal compression ensures maximum distance and low spin numbers that promote accuracy.

The B330 RX features a Urethane cover that offers good soft greenside feel, but don’t be alarmed this cover remains extremely durable. The B330 RX doesn’t deliver the amount of greenside spin on pitch shots that tour professionals would prefer, but it still ranks up there in the department compared to other premium golf balls on the market.

The B330 RX features an affordable price tag in comparison to other premium golf balls. Don’t be afraid to give this old favorite a go, it might just be the change that your golf game needed.  

See the price and read real reviews

Titleist Pro V1 Review


  • It is the golf ball of choice for the majority of professional golfers around the world
  • Exceptional greenside feel
  • Maximum distance thanks to low spin rates on shots with long irons and woods
  • Dimple design that ensures a penetrating strong controllable flight on iron shots
  • Durable Urethane Elastomer cover


  • A hefty price tag
  • Some players might prefer the feel of a low compression two-piece golf ball



One of the many factors that makes the Pro V1 an industry leader is it’s exceptional greenside control and feel.

The design of the Pro V1 includes an extremely durable Urethane Elastomer cover. This cover system offers exception soft feel on chip and pitch shots around the green as well as off of the putter face on the greens. Players that rely on their short game can really benefit by playing with the Pro V1.

The Pro V1 is packed with technology that promotes distance. One of the key distance producing features of the Pro V1 is its Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process core. The design of the core minimizes spin and maximizes ball speeds on all shots to ensure maximum distance.

In addition to the Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process core the Pro V1 features a thin responsive isomeric casing layer that also promotes high ball speeds

A good strong ball flight is something that all golfers strive towards. The Pro V1 features a spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design that promotes a consistent penetrating ball flight.

It is hard to find any cons about the Pro V1, one of its only setbacks is its hefty price tag. The Pro V1 will be a great addition to any golfers bag, but slow swinging players might benefit more by playing with a low compression two-piece golf ball instead.

See the price and read real reviews

Bridgestone B330 RX vs. Titleist Pro V1

Let’s review the key differences


Both the B330 RX and Pro V1 features core design technology that promotes maximum distance. In this category, it is definitely a half between these two industry leaders.

Feel and greenside control

The Pro V1 is known for its exceptional greenside control and feel. The B330 RX offers a slightly firmer feel around the greens. The Pro V1 is the clear winner in this category.   


Both golf balls feature a Urethane cover system, but the composition of the B330 RX cover has proven to be the more durable option between these two.


The Pro V1 is one of the most expensive golf balls currently available on the market. The B330 RX offers a more affordable price tag that also gives it the win in this battle.

Bridhestone B330
Bridgestobe B330 RX vs Titleist Pro V1


And the winner is…

This has been a very closely contested battle and in somewhat surprising fashion the B330 RX has emerged victorious. The B330 RX features everything that one would expect from a premium tour level golf ball, but it was designed with the average amateur in mind.

Both of these golf balls will be a great addition to your golf bag, in this instance, the B330 RX just seems to be the better option for the average golfer that wants to play a golf ball that will potentially improve their scores.

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