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Srixon Z Star vs. Srixon Q Star: Golf Ball Review & Comparison

Srixon has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers in the golf industry over the last decade. Srixon manufacture very high-quality equipment, but they are known in particular for the wide range of golf balls that they produce. The Srixon line of golf balls caters to players of all levels with a variety of swing speeds. In order to learn more about Srixon golf balls, let’s review two of its leading models to see how they stack up against one another in a one on one singles matchup.

In a Ryder Cup style singles matchup of the Srixon Z Star vs. Srixon Q Star it is safe to assume that the Q Star will emerge as the better golf ball. But instead of jumping to conclusions let’s do a thorough review of both of these golf balls to see how they compare in terms of distance, grenside feel, and control, durability and price in order to determine an overall winner.

Srixon Z Star vs. Srixon Q Star: Comparison Table

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Srixon Z Star Review


  • The Z Star with its new Fast Layer core design is renowned for its incredible feel and unprecedented distance
  • The greenside stopping power of the Z Star is second to none, this is as a result of the new Spin Skin SeRM cover with a urethane coating that is utilised in the cover design
  • The Z Star with its 338 speed dimple pattern delivers a straighter more penetrating ball flight, especially in breezy conditions
  • Depending on you preference, the Z Star is available in both a white and yellow option



  • The Z Star caters towards players with an average swing speed, fast swinging players won’t get optimal performance out of the mid compression Z Star
  • The Z Star carries a hefty price tag


Let’s review the key features 

The majority of Srixon sponsored professional players choose to play with the Z Star.

The Z Star with its 3 piece construction features Srixon’s new FastLayer Core technology. This new technology utilized in the core of the Z Star sees a core that has a soft center that becomes increasingly harder around its edges.

This new FastLayer Core along with the use of Srixon’s 4th generation SpinSkin cover is responsible for both the distance and the stopping power of the Z Star. The 338 dimple pattern that is featured in the Z Star design delivers a straighter penetrating ball flight even in tough weather conditions.

The mid compression Z Star golf ball won’t deliver ultimate performance to players with above average swing speeds, but regardless of that, it is one of the best premium golf balls that money can buy.

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Srixon Q Star Review


  • The Q Star features the 2nd generation SpinSkin cover from Srixon, this cover
  • Aerodynamic dimple design that promotes added distance and a penetrating ball flight during windy conditions
  • The Q Star features an energetic gradient growth core that optimizes spin, trajectory, acceleration and responsiveness
  • The Q Star carries an affordable price tag


  • The Q Star is a low compression golf ball, faster swinging players won’t get maximum performance out of the Q Star
  • The 2 piece construction of the Q Star isn’t as advanced as some of the other premium golf balls that are available on the market

Let’s review the key features

The Q Star is an affordable option for slow and average swinging players that are seeking the performance of a tour approved premium golf ball.

The Q Star offers great feel and greenside control thanks to the utilization of Srixon’s trademark SpinSkin cover system.

The Q Star doesn’t just feel great, it delivers maximum distance as well. The Q Star features a 324 aerodynamic dimple pattern that maximizes distance and that ensures a penetrating ball flight. This dimple pattern is very effective in windy conditions.

Besides the fact that the Q Star was designed to suit slow and average swinging players there isn’t anything bad to say about it.

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Srixon Z Star vs. Srixon Q Star


Both the Z Star and Q Star golf balls were designed with maximum distance in mind.

The Z Star with its slightly more advanced FastLayer Core design should, in theory, deliver extra distance, but slower-swinging players might find that the Q Star is the longer of the two. The Q Star is the winner in the distance match on paper, but you might want to try both golf balls out to determine the winner according to your swing speed.   

Greenside feel and control

The Q Star offers great feel and control around the greens, but the Z Star definitely reigns supreme in this category.

The combination of the FastLayer Core and SpinSkin SeRM cover design of the Z Star makes it one of the best golf balls on the market in terms of feel and greenside control.


It is very difficult to separate these two golf balls in terms of durability.

Both feature Srixon’s 4th generation SpinSkin cover system. This Urethane cover system utilized in both designs is very durable and your golf ball should still be in great shape after 18 holes.

The durability match is without a doubt a halve.


The Z Star is a premium golf ball and this is even more evident when you look at the price that it retails at.

The Q Star caters more towards your average golfer and it thus also retails at a much lower price point.

The Z Star is worth the splurge, but the Q Star takes an easy victory in the price category.

Srixon Z Star vs Srixon Q Star

Wrapping Up

Srixon Z Star vs. Srixon Q Star: And the winner is…

This matchup was definitely a close one. Both of these Srixon golf balls are worthy competitors but after reviewing both golf balls, the more advanced design of the Z Star emerged as an overall winner.

The Z Star is a premium golf ball with a mid compression profile that delivers optimal distance, feel, greenside control, ball flight and stopping power.

The low compression Q Star was a worthy opponent and slow swinging players that are looking for the performance of a premium golf ball will definitely benefit from playing with the Q Star.

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