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Bridgestone e6 vs Callaway Supersoft: Golf Ball Review & Comparison

Currently the golf ball market is full of high quality golf balls but top of the range golf balls are expensive. But don’t be afraid there are alternative options available that are just as good.

In order to establish which available golf ball is the best in terms of value and performance let’s do a head to head comparison between the Bridgestone e6 vs the Callaway Supersoft to determine the winner of the best bang for your buck category.  

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Bridgestone e6 Review


  • The e6 is a premium three piece golf ball that features state of the art technology, the design is a direct reflection of the results of the extensive golf ball testing that Bridgestone has conducted over many years


  • The e6 is a high performance multilayer golf ball with the price tag of a two piece value golf ball


  • The e6 design features a soft Surlyn cover that produces great feel on buth full shots and on shots around the green


  • The e6 is renowned for its low spin rates on both shots with the driver and with long irons. This decrease in spin results in greater accuracy and enhanced distance


  • The e6 features Bridgestone’s new Delta dimple pattern, this dimple pattern reduces resistance during flight to promote a straighter ball flight


  • The e6 is available in two versions namely e6 Speed and e6 Soft. The softer of the two balls the e6 Soft is better suited for players that seek extra feel especially around the greens and the e6 Speed is renowned for its exceptional distance



  • The e6 is a premium golf ball but in terms of performance it is still a touch behind the tour/advanced performance golf balls that the best players in the world choose to play with

Bridgestone e6 Speed and Soft Review

The e6 series from Bridgestone features the perfect combination of performance and value. Bridgestone has conducted industry-leading golf ball testing for many years to ensure the production of a high-quality product.

The e6 has great feel through the use of a soft Surlyn cover in the design. The e6 doesn’t just feel great but it also delivers great distance. Distance is enhanced as a result of the decreased spin that the e6 delivers off of the clubface with both woods and long irons.

The e6 also features Bridgestone’s new Delta dimple pattern, this new dimple pattern reduces resistance in the air to ensure a straighter ball flight. The e6 can’t be faulted for its design or on its performance thus it is difficult to find any cons to playing with the e6.

The e6 might sound like the perfect golf ball but since it is a mid compression golf ball low handicappers and professional players that swing the club north of 100mph won’t get the same benefits out of using the e6 in comparison to an average golfer that swings the club at 90-99mph.

The e6 is the perfect golf ball for the average joe that is looking for a high performing yet affordable golf ball that will help save a few shots during the course of the round.

Callaway Supersoft Review


  • The Supersoft design features a Tri-onomer cover, this cover formulation guarantees soft feel and added spin on chip shots around the green
  • The Supersoft is designed with an ultra low compression core, the result is reduced spin and faster ball speeds on full shots. A reduction in spin and higher ball speeds produce maximum distance and accuracy
  • The cover of the Supersoft is very durable and it remains in tact for a full round
  • The Supersoft carries an affordable price tag
  • The Supersoft features Callaway’s signature HEX aerodynamic dimple design, this design pattern reduces drag and enhances lift to ensure higher launch and longer carry distances  


  • The Supersoft is a low compression two piece golf ball, players with faster swing speeds above 95 mph on average won’t reap the same good results as slower swinging players

Let’s Review its Key Features

The Supersoft deserves its name for many different worthy reasons, the Supersoft can be classified as one of the softest golf balls that are currently available on the market.

If you fall in the category of players that aren’t renowned for swinging the club at lightning speeds then the Supersoft might be perfect for your game. The Supersoft offers a soft forgiving feel, great spin control on shots around the green and jaw-dropping distance.

This jaw-dropping distance is obtained through the design of the new ultra low compression core that is featured in the Supersoft.

Don’t be fooled by its name, the Supersoft is indeed a very soft golf ball, but its soft cover is also very durable and it retains that new look for a full round regardless if you hit it 80 or a 100 times.

It is hard to say anything bad about the Supersoft, but as is the case with any product it isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea. The Supersoft is designed for slow swinging players and as a result, fast swinging players won’t get the same jaw-dropping results.

Fast swinging players that swing the club in excess of 95 mph are better off with a higher compression premium or tour-level golf ball.

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Callaway Supersoft vs Bridgestone e6


Both the Supersoft and the e6 have design features that aim to reduce spin and to enhance ball speeds in order to ensure maximum distance. In the distance category the e6 has a slight advantage over the Supersoft due to its more advanced mid compression 3 piece design.

Feel and greenside control

Both the e6 and the Supersoft features soft outer layers and cover systems that offers phenomenal feel and greenside control. Picking a winner in this category isn’t easy but the more advanced 3 piece design of the e6 with its soft gradational core is hard to beat in terms of feel.


The Supersoft features a Tri-onomer cover that ensures long lasting durability, in this category the Supersoft definitely takes the edge.


Both the e6 and the Supersoft can be classified as affordable but on average the Supersoft will cost slightly less.

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And The Winner is…

Bridgestone e6 vs Callaway Supersoft compete head to head with the Bridgestone e6 emerging as the champion.

Picking a winner between these two high-quality golf balls isn’t easy but ultimately the e6 has emerged victorious. Both brands offer distance, soft feel, greenside control, durability, and accuracy at an affordable price tag but at the end of the day, the design of the e6 is more advanced than that of the Supersoft.

The e6 is a premium 3-piece high performing golf ball that is in a league of its own in comparison to the Supersoft.

And as an added bonus the e6 is available in a soft and a speed model. The e6 Soft designed to suit players that seek extra feel and control around the greens, and the e6 Speed is designed for players that seek maximum distance.    

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