Callaway Superhot 55 vs Supersoft: Which Golf Ball is Better?

superhot 55 vs supersoft

Callaway is one of the leading manufacturers in the golf industry. Not only do they produce some of the best clubs on the market they also produce high quality, high performing golf balls.

Callaway produces golf balls that are suitable to players of all skill levels. To learn more about two of Callaway’s best golf balls for players that are seeking an affordable yet high performing golf ball we are going to do a head to head comparison of the Callaway Superhot 55 vs Supersoft.

The Superhot 55 is a low compression golf ball that is renowned for its distance, in comparison the Supersoft is equally long off the tee but it has exceptional soft feel on and around the greens. At first glance it seems as if the Supersoft will emerge victorious in this battle.

But before a final verdict is reached let’s do an in-depth review and comparison of these golf balls to see how they compare in terms of distance, feel, durability and price in order to determine the ultimate winner.    

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Callaway Superhot 55 Review


  • Aerodynamic design that ensures extreme distance on both driver and iron shots
  • The combination of the soft mantle and the cover system used in the design of the Superhot 55 reduces spin to promote a straighter ball flight
  • The Superhot 55 has a very low compression point that ensures a soft feel at impact on full shots
  • Affordable price point



  • Lacks design features that promotes spin and effective greenside control
  • The soft cover of the Superhot 55 lacks durability


If you are looking for an affordable new golf ball that is easy to compress and that will add some distance to your drives and iron shots then the Superhot 55 will be a very good choice.

Due to it’s very low compression point the Superhot 55 will in particular be a great option for slow swinging female or senior male players.

In terms of spin and feel around the greens the Superhot 55 won’t offer much appeal to players that rely on their short game finesse.

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Callaway Supersoft Review


  • The Supersoft features a new ultra-low compression core that reduces spin and enhances ball speeds on full shots, the result is maximum distance and accuracy
  • The dimple design of the Supersoft features Callaway’s signature premium HEX aerodynamic design that reduces drag and that enhances lift. The result of this design is longer carry distances
  • The Supersoft features a Tri-onomer cover formulation, this cover ensures soft feel and added spin on wedge shots around the green
  • The Tri-onomer cover on the Supersoft is very durable and it retains that “new” look for all 18 holes
  • The Supersoft carries a reasonable price tag



  • The Supersoft is a 2 piece golf ball that doesn’t offer itself as an affordable alternative to a premium 4 or 5 piece golf ball



The Supersoft didn’t get its name without reason. The Supersoft is one of, if not, the softest golf balls available on the market today.

For players that are looking for an affordable golf ball that has great control and spin around the greens the Supersoft is without a doubt the way to go. The Supersoft isn’t only renowned for its softness, it does offer distance to golfers as well.

The new ultra-low compression core that is featured in the Supersoft reduces spin and enhances ball speeds on full shots to ensure maximum distance and accuracy. Don’t let the name fool you, the cover of the Supersoft is indeed soft, but it is still very durable ensuring that you get good bang for your buck when spending money on purchasing new golf balls.

It is difficult to find any cons about the Supersoft, but as is the case with any golf ball, none of them are perfect for everyone.

The Supersoft will appeal to many different golfers, but fast swinging players that compress the golf ball with ease might prefer a harder more solid feel off of the clubface than what the Supersoft offers.


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Callaway Superhot 55 vs. Supersoft


The Superhot 55 was designed with distance as the main goal, the Supersoft also delivers great distance enhancing technology but the Superhot 55 is the winner in the distance category.


Feel and greenside control

The Superhot 55 has a very low compression composition that promotes soft feel at impact but the Supersoft offers feel and greenside control that is in a class of its own.


The Supersoft with its new ultra-low compression core and spin producing Tri-onomer cover system is a clear winner in the feel and greenside control category.



Both the Superhot 55 and the Supersoft features a soft cover, but the Tri-onomer cover system on the Supersoft is more durable over the course of a 18 hole round.



In terms of price, the one isn’t more affordable than the other, in the price category it is a half between the Superhot 55 and the Supersoft.


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The Winner: Supersoft 

Some players might prefer the Superhot 55 over the Supersoft golf ball but in terms of overall performance, the Callaway Supersoft is the clear winner in this battle.


The Supersoft isn’t only packed with technology that promotes distance and accuracy on full shots but it also features technology that promotes superb feel and spin on wedge shots around the greens.


The Supersoft is durable and it features an affordable price tag. The Supersoft golf ball will be a great addition to the bag of any player with a slow or average swing speed that is looking for a golf ball that will add distance, control and great feel to their games.

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