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Best Golf Ball for 10 Handicapper 2019: Mid-Handicapper’s Buying Guide

One thing all golfers have in common is that at one time or another we’ve spent some time looking for our golf balls in the rough or the tall grass on the side of the fairway. I’m a mid handicapper and often feel like a member of the search and rescue squad rather than a recreational golfer.

That got me thinking of the price of golf balls and the money lost from the balls that I never end up finding. I’ve come to a point in my golf game where I know what characteristics I prefer in my golf ball. However, these usually come with a higher price tag.

Three or four layer golf balls are great but it doesn’t do me a whole lot of good if I’m losing my ball multiple times a round and having to pull out a fresh one each time.

If you want to take another step towards lowering your scores then you might want to invest in a rangefinder. It doesn’t have to break the bank – read our budget rangefinders article to see what are the best rangefinders on the market.

I know many readers who are mid-handicappers are in a similar situation as myself, stuck somewhere between I want a superior golf ball that doesn’t restrict my potential and not wanting to shell out $30+ for dozen balls that are only going to last you a few rounds.

Because of this, I set out to find the best golf ball for mid-handicappers.

So, What are the Best Golf Balls for 10 Handicappers in 2019?

My search brought me to three different golf balls

  1. Callaway Hex Bite Balls
  2. Srixon Soft Feel Balls
  3. TaylorMade RMZ Soft

I went online to Amazon and picked up a dozen of each and tested them out to try and find out what was the best golf ball for 10 handicappers like myself.

If you want to save some time I’ll cut right to the chase and let you know that out of the three different balls I tested I personally felt like the Callaway Hex Bite balls were the winner.

This came based on three things: price, feel, durability. The three balls were all great in price but varied slightly in the other two areas.

In the end I felt the Hex Bite was the choice for myself and others in my situation.  

best golf balls mid handicappers

What to Look for When Choosing a Golf Ball?

1) Cost

At my level of play, my paycheck doesn’t depend on how well I play on the course (thank god). If I was a tour pro who was making six figures plus a year on the course and could gain the sponsorship of any brand I wanted, I’d of course be much pickier of what ball I was playing.

However, as a recreational mid-handicap golfer who feels great when I manage to keep the same ball for 9 holes, I’m trying my best not to break the bank so cost is a major factor when I’m on Amazon looking for golf balls.

I try to keep it at a reasonable price and if I can find a dozen quality balls for $20-25 I’m happy.

2) Feel

I’ve been playing long enough and am in sync with my clubs to know the difference between a ball I like and one that I don’t like.

Although preferences vary from player to player the traits that are commonly desired by most players (soft, medium weight) usually come at a higher price.

For the sake of this test I went off of these characteristics and tried to find a ball that didn’t feel too lightweight yet didn’t feel too dense and heavy.

3) Durability

Although you can argue that durability isn’t the most important trait when you are likely to lose the ball after only hours of playing it, those of us who spend a lot of time practicing around chipping greens durability is a must.

I tend to use the same batch of practice balls around my local courses practice chipping area for many months without shelling out money for new balls so you can imagine I want something that is going to last.  

One downside to high-end urethane golf balls that I’ve found is that they seem to scuff easier, something I heard is a characteristic of the material.

Although urethane balls are often preferred by most golfers, they aren’t always the most durable.

If you’re like me and like to keep the grooves in your irons clean and sharp you may find yourself marking up urethane balls very quickly and even finding cuts or fraying in the covers. Therefore a durable ball is a must.

Best Golf Balls for Mid-Handicap Golfers Reviewed

Callaway Hex Bite Balls

The first thing I noticed about the Callaway Hex Bite is that they feel similar to the new Callaway Chrome Softs, so if you like those you’ll probably enjoy the Hex Bite.

They feel soft and I really liked the feeling they had of off my putter face. The ball’s hexagon faced design looks pretty cool when you look at it closely.

However, the three-piece designed ball didn’t look the greatest after a few sessions with my driver and around the chipping green. Other than durability the price also tends to be the highest out of the three balls tested which may cause the Callaway to lose a few points.

This aside the Hex Bite is an impressive ball and a very respectable alternative if you’re tired of shelling out the money for Chrome Softs.


  • Feel, felt great off of my putter face
  • Hex design looks really cool!



  • Not as durable as some other golf balls out there.

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Click here to see the current price

TaylorMade RMZ Soft

The TalorMade RBZ balls really impressed me as I felt they really offered a solid performance for a reasonable price.

They felt great off of my driver and irons but I can’t say they were my favorite when it came time to pull out my putter.

The RMZ’s feel on the greens didn’t satisfy me as much as the others but I wasn’t completely unimpressed by them.

I think some golfers may feel that they aren’t as soft as other balls that focus on their soft feel but this was really only noticeable on my putter face.

I played them as hard and as long as I did the other two balls in this test and the design on the Ethane cover held up wonderfully.

If I didn’t know any better I would have thought the ball was unused. 


  • Durability at a price that won’t break the bank.
  • Felt really good with my driver and irons



  • Some golfers might not find the ball as soft as they’d like.

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Click here to see the current price

Srixon Soft Feel Balls

The Srixon Soft Feel balls really live up to their soft name and impressed me when it came to its feel off of my putter.

The difference between the Srixon and the TaylorMade was obvious and I felt comfortable using it on the greens.

The balls weren’t as impressive with my irons as I’d like to see and they felt a little too light with my wedges. Although a very similar price to the other two balls the Srixon is a two-piece design as opposed to the three-piece design that the other two boast.

I felt like this might be a downside in long term durability but I could be wrong. The ball was somewhat scuffed up and the end of the say but wasn’t terrible.

Although respectable the Srixon felt like I was using a discount ball, where the RBZ and Hex Bite felt like I was getting more for my money.

Still for those players out there who are just starting out and lose a lot of balls per round these aren’t a bad option. Pick some up for yourself and let me know what you think.


  • Very soft feel
  • Pretty durable for the price



  • I didn’t feel like I was getting a lot of quality for my money like I did with other discount options

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So, what’s the best golf ball for mid-handicapper in 2019?

All three balls are solid options for 10-handicappers who don’t want to break the bank every time they want to play a round of golf.

I think you should definitely play each ball and come to your own conclusion but this time my winner was the Callaway Hex Bite. I recently tested the Chrome Softs and really enjoyed them, the Hex Bite balls felt similar to those, however, they cost about half the price so I wouldn’t feel terrible every time I shank one off into the bushes.

If you’re a mid-handicap golfer looking for a great golf ball at a great price, try out the Callaway Hex Bite golf balls and let me know what you think.

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