Best Putters For Beginners & High Handicappers [2018 & 2019]

You’ve hit that golf ball more than five times as you’re still a beginner or high handicapper at this point, and you only have one more stroke to make that ball shoot into that hole.

A special type of golf club known as a putter can help you pull off a solid closing stroke with ease. But not all putters are the same, and buying the wrong one can force you to make too many attempts with that closing stroke instead of doing it only once.

To help you choose which putter to buy based on your current skill level, three of the best on the market right now have been filtered and reviewed for your consideration. Check out our best counterbalanced putters article as well.

What Is The Importance Of Putters?

It’s essential to know if your putter is a perfect fit because if not, one wrong move with the wrong putter can have adverse effect on your game. How your putter fits will either make or break your game – one wrong move with your putter and everything that will follow in your game can turn out to be a disaster.  When picking your putter, you have to consider some things:

If you want to take another step towards lowering your scores then you might want to invest in a rangefinder. It doesn’t have to break the bank – read our budget rangefinders article to see what are the best affordable rangefinders on the market.

Putter Length

Golfers around the world are different in many ways. They have different height, putting posture and arm length. With this, it’s just right that your putter length should be according to your preferences to ensure to a smooth putting stroke – you wouldn’t want to stoop too much while hitting the ball, you’ll lose your chances of winning. The putter length creates comfort and eases while you play.

Putter Loft

How you position your hand while playing will also be distinct compared to other players. You might be a wristy putter, or you might be positioning the ball ahead of the center front of your stance. No matter how you play with your hands, your loft should be tailored fit to that. Your hand position at impact should be a perfect match to the loft of the putter so balls can roll smoothly.

Putter Lie Angle

The putter’s lie angle should be adjusted based on your preference for consistency all throughout the game. You might have different ways on how you shot across the field, but whatever your style may be, your putter should help you achieve the right angle.

Putter Weight Balance

You might want your putter to weigh more or less. Having the perfect weight for your putter will help you do well in your games – don’t worry because most players have that notion too.

You might be a beginner or a high handicapper in golf, but you don’t have to worry because there is numerous equipment out there which can help you improve your playing skills. And finding the right putting can help you achieve your goal of becoming a better golfer.

So What Are The Best Putters For Beginners And High Handicappers in 2018 & 2019?

By this time, you might be getting too excited about buying a new putter. You now have a clearer idea of how this little equipment can help your games in more ways than one, and you can’t just wait to have your hands on one of these. To help you decide on what to get for your putter, you might consider the following:


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The Two Way Putter

Many consider this as one of the best putters ever sold on the market. It brings several features – it’s cheap compared to other putters out there, and its performance is impressive.

The moment you see a Two-Way putter, you might think that the design is too simple but sometime, simplicity might be the only thing you’ll need in your putter.

It may look simple on the outside, but its overall unique engineering gives you that great balance and feel. No question about how you’ll feel good while using this in your games! 


  • Ambidextrous: Are you hesitant that you’re being left-handed will hinder you from playing golf? Think again because this putter is suitable for right and left-handed golf players.
  • Universal: Since you’re a beginner or high handicapper who is seeking new ways to better this sport, this putter will do wonders for you. It’s so easy to use, and anyone, regardless of skills, can use this with ease. There are no complicated controls to navigate; this is simply a putter which will help you with your games.


  • Heavy: It’s not the heaviest putter in the market, but its weight can still become a problem, especially if you’ve been accustomed to a lighter club. 

The Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter

This brand has got their hands in all of the sports played around the world and golf is no exemption.

This putter, which has a blade edge, is a bargain compared to everything that they produced after this one.

Despite its low price, quality was never compromised with this golf putter. Its design allows you to have more forgiving putting faces in golf.

Its soft touch and good rolls will help you achieve a stable putt as you play. Two of the most noteworthy features this putter can give you are: it has a widened grip to teach better habits for beginners and high handicappers like you, and it has microinjection polymer which helps out with your putt speed.


  • Cost-effectiveness: It’s one of the best putters which you can purchase without breaking the bank. It has a very good quality at a very reasonable price.
  • Pace control: This has an active face feature which will help you get used to faster putts and teach you good habits in playing.


  • Noisy: Every time you start practicing indoors with this putter, the “click” of each stroke will be hard to miss.
  • Lighter feel: While being lightweight can be an advantage; some golfers might need a heavier putter to be at their A game.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter

No golfer would ever know the brand name. It was not designed for beginners or high handicappers, but it was able to perform very well for that group.

One feature you might like about this putter is that you can adjust its weight which can give you that perfect feel every time you use it.

It’s the perfect union of soft and tough. Aside from the adjustable features, its lack of glare can also help you get better in your games – you’ll be free from the distraction that you might not appreciate.

This putter has a patented insert design which can be perfect for helping out beginners to develop their strokes.


  • Excellent quality: This club is made from one of the best companies in the field of golf so expect no less from them. This is obviously a professional equipment which beginners can also utilize for their own.
  • Fast putts: This club will help you improve your putts consistently. This is something that most beginners and high handicappers struggle and this putter can help you with those.


  • It’s quite expensive
best putters high handicappers

Best Putters for Beginners and High Handicappers – Conclusion

The beginners and the high handicappers are diverse demographics, and it is hard to pick a set of putters that might suit everybody. Keeping in mind all the different factors like affordability and simplicity, the winner is Two-Way putter It’s a very cheap putter, but it will still give you the common benefits that a beginner and a high handicapper needs.

Since you’re still beginning to embrace golf, you’ll not have second thoughts about purchasing this – you’ll get what you pay for and even more!

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