Callaway Chrome Soft vs Titleist Pro V1 [Surprising Review & Comparison]

The Titleist Pro V1 is the current champion of golf balls on the Market but the Callaway Chrome Soft is a serious contender for that title. The Chrome Soft has received some serious attention as of late. That caught my interest and leads me to conduct a head to head battle between the Titleist Pro V1 vs. the Callaway Chrome Soft.  

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Ball Eating Bush. Prefers Pro V1... Or does it?

The Titleist ProV1 has been extremely popular since its introduction in 2000 and has gained a reputation as the top ball in golf.

The popularity that the Pro V1 has received is for good reason; MANY golfers (me included) recognize the areas that it excels in.

A number of golf balls have come and gone since the Pro V1 was introduced but none have rivaled its success.

However Callaway’s line of golf balls have steadily improved and with the introduction of the Chrome Soft Callaway has produced a ball that may take some attention off of the Pro V1.

I took both balls with me to my local course to have a look at them and see how they matched up against each other.

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  • Soft feel that feels great on club face, especially when putting
  • Very durable
  • Provides great distance despite softness


  • Some players may not like the balls low compression design

Titleist Pro V1 Pros and Cons


  • Soft feel
  • Consistent
  • Feels like a very pro distance ball


  • Seemed a little less durable than the chrome soft. Cover seems more marked and worn

Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Titleist Pro V1 

Feel and Strike

The Callaway Chrome Soft balls live up to their names and offer a very soft feel that I enjoyed.

That isn’t to say that the Pro V1s aren’t soft but of the two brands the Callaway seems to be the softer ball.

A feature that both balls share is low spin which I also enjoyed. As you can imagine this is especially evident in the short game and both balls felt like they offered a lot of control when paired with my wedges.

I really noticed the difference here when using these two balls and it’s apparent to me why these are higher tier balls.

When using other lower grade balls, which I will not name, there is a significant difference in the feel and control. In other words I felt like I was certainly getting what I paid for.

Trajectory and  Consistency

If there was one area where I was able to tell a difference between the two it was in my iron shots.

In order to give each ball a fare chance I shot many shots with each one using my 6-9 irons and judged them off of an average.

I noticed that I seemed to get a more consistent trajectory with the Titleist which I chalked up to the different compression between the two balls.

Having said that when chipping on to the green I actually preferred the softness of the Chrome Soft and once on the green the ball felt better off of my putter face.

I’ve always seemed to have more control off of my putter with a softer ball and I would be able to easily tell the difference between the two if I were doing a blind test.


I had used the Titleist many times before today and knew that it would deliver a solid performance but I have to say I was a little surprised at the end of the day when I took a look at the two balls and noticed that the Pro V1 had significantly more wear on it; despite the fact that I hit each ball the same number of times throughout the day.

This didn’t seem to be by chance either. I used six Callaways and six Titleists and at the end of the day, each of the Pro V1s seemed more scuffed and frayed than the chrome soft.

The Callaway didn’t look perfect at the end of the day but they certainly seemed to hold up better than the Pro V1s so you may want to give that some thought if durability is a strong decision point for you.


Each ball performed well with long irons and my driver.

I got similar distance and low spin with each ball and both would make a great choice for players who are concerned with distance.

I did see slightly less spin with the Titleist,  but overall the numbers were not significantly different when it came to distance.

Callaway Chrome Soft
Titleist Pro V1


Chrome Soft vs Pro V: And The winner is…

As I expected the two balls both felt great. I wouldn’t expect any less from two of the top names in the golf market.

Going into today I was less familiar with the Chrome Soft and had only hit the occasional lost ball that I’d found around the course.

I have to say that after paying closer attention I really enjoyed what the ball had to offer and was having a lot of fun with it on the putting green.

If I had to pick an area of the course that I think the ball was best on it would certainly be here and I can assure you that I will be buying more of these in the future.

The Callaway Chrome Soft is the ball to go with if you’re like me and prefer a softer feel off the clubface and tend to be a little rougher with your ball striking, especially when using your wedges.  

So if you’re wondering which golf ball is better when it comes to the Titleist Pro V1 and the Callaway Chrome Soft, the answer really is dependent upon you and your preference. For me Callaway Chrome Soft  left me more impressed than Titleist Pro V1. Better durability, same distance and at a lower price.  I’ll be putting my money towards the product that offers better value.

Last but not least – even well known YouTube star and PGA professional Mark Crossfield, who can play any ball he’d like for free, chooses the Callaway Chrome Soft.

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Have you tried Chrome Soft, Pro V1 or both golf balls? What did you think and which one do you prefer?

4 thoughts on “Callaway Chrome Soft vs Titleist Pro V1 [Surprising Review & Comparison]”

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  2. let me start by saying…I am a Titleist guy through the entire bag, from my 917 D2 to my Newport 2.5 and have played titleist balls back to the balata days. With that said, I switched to the chrome soft when they came out and have compared ProV1 vs Chrome soft every year of changes. In the end you get the same performance, better feel, better durability and lower cost (avg 6 to 10 dollars a dozen) from the Chrome soft. I find that those who stick to ProV 1 are usually brand snobs and tend to have ego handicaps….

    1. I agree, although I can understand brand loyalty the Chrome Soft makes a very tempting option to switch things up! The value for money is why I always have a sleeve in my bag getting ready to be lost on the course.

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