Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft – Golf Ball Review and Comparison

Callaway Chrome Soft vs Supersoft can be quite the challenge to judge, especially for golf enthusiasts. Both can be equally-great balls, depending on your perspective. However, if one were to look at these two carefully, one would really come to the top. Here’s our detailed review of the two products.

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Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft Pros and Cons

Callaway is a recognized brand in the golf scene, and it has produced quite a number of products that continue to assist players that want to do a variety of things in the playing field. These new contenders are geared for players who like softballs and exert control over the game.

Callaway Chrome Soft


  • Callaway Chrome Soft is built for everyone, so beginners and experts alike can have an enjoyable experience with this ball.
  • Despite its soft feel, it doesn’t lose its performance. Its short-game spin can rival those of more expensive balls, making this quite the contender.
  • It can significantly boost your distance, which makes this ball a godsend for slow swingers.


  • If you love swinging fast, then you may have to compensate a little to enjoy the low-compression build of the Chrome Soft.

Callaway Supersoft


  • Exceptionally soft thanks to its 38 compression. This can improve control and accuracy for slow swingers.
  • This golf ball has an extremely low spin, which is good for straight shots.
  • Golfers who like to exert more control to the ball would love the Supersoft’s settings. It feels springy to the putter and driver, which can be a new sensation to crave for.


  • The golf ball’s extremely slow spin does mean losing a bit of control over curved long-distance shots.

Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft – Key Features

Callaway Chrome Soft

Chrome Soft packs quite a punch for a price that is a bit more expensive than Callaway Supersoft. It can be the go-to ball for golfers who want to buy an all-around ball, or for slow swingers that love controlling the play of the game.

  • Low Compression, Soft Fast Core: Its core packs a 65 compression rating thanks to its Soft Fast core. It’s not as low as the Supersoft, but 65 is more than enough to offer versatility for both slow and fast swingers.
  • DuraSpin cover, extremely soft: The ball offers an extremely soft cover that allows you to generate lower spin but offers quite longer distances. With enough practice, you can actually generate spins and shorter irons that are tournament level.
  • More Control: Its Soft Fast core not only allows slow swingers to get more distance, but fast swingers can also actually get more control thanks to the balanced core. The Chrome Soft’s core cannot only retain energy from the initial impact; it can actually keep high ball speeds regardless of swing speeds.  

Callaway Supersoft

Supersoft lives up to its name as the softest ball courtesy of Callaway. The ball is built for reduced spin and a farther distance, which helps golfers who want to exert more control. Its price is lower compared to Callaway Chrome Soft as well, making it quite the budget-friendly ball.

  • Compression, improved performance: A lot of golf balls that we can find in the market usually have compression rates of 70 to 100. Interestingly, Callaway Supersoft performs at a rate of 38. Given that kind of ultra-compression, the Callaway Supersoft dramatically improves distance and accuracy for players that have slower swing speed.
  • HEX Aerodynamics: The Callaway Supersoft has the Callaway trademark covering. It has 332 dimples of HEX aerodynamic design, allowing longer and more stable flight. This will enable golfers to plot their courses much easier thanks to this feature.
  • Good for long and straight shots: The Supersoft is best for slow swingers who want to exert control over the playing field. If you like to do straight shots, the Supersoft can be the ball-to-get for more distance control. You may have to compensate for curved shots, as the Supersoft is not built for them.

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Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft – Conclusion

Callaway stuns golf enthusiasts once again with two golf balls that pack quite a punch despite their size. However, if we were to choose, you ought to get the Callaway Chrome Soft for the best experience. In the Callaway Supersoft vs. Callaway Chrome Soft battle, the Supersoft does have its perks, especially for its price.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Supersoft can be a budget-friendly ball that offers durability and performance that puts it on par with other high-end golf balls. However, if you’re looking for superior performance, the Chrome Soft is the go-to golf ball.

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