TaylorMade TP5 vs Chrome-Soft

TaylorMade TP5 vs Callaway Chrome Soft: Review & Comparison

TaylorMade and Callaway are two of the leading manufacturers in the golf industry. Both are renowned for their club designs, but two of their most recent golf ball releases are now also industry leaders. Let’s take a closer look at the two golf balls by doing a thorough review and comparison of the TaylorMade TP5 and the Callaway Chrome Soft.

TaylorMade TP5 vs Callaway Chrome Soft – what are the differences and which golf ball is better for your game? The TP5 from TaylorMade with its advanced design seems to be the early favorite in this matchup. But instead of jumping to conclusions let’s review these two golf balls in depth in order to determine a champion.

TaylorMade TP5 vs. Callaway Chrome Soft Comparison Table

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TaylorMade TP5 Review


  • The 5 piece construction of the TP5 is one of the most advanced golf ball design currently available on the market
  • The TP5 was designed to produce maximum distance, this distance is achieved as a result of optimized spin rates
  • The TP5 is a mid compression golf ball with a compression of 85. Players with average swing speeds will thus be able to maximize performance when playing with the TP5
  • The TP5 delivers added wedge spin and remarkable short game control due to its low compression design
  • The design of the TP5 promotes a workable mid trajectory ball flight
  • The Dual-SPin cover system of the TP5 offers exceptional durability


  • The TP5  is a premium golf ball and it carries a hefty price tag as a result of it  
  • Players with a faster than average swing speed will be better off playing with the high compression TP5X instead


The TaylorMade TP5 with its high performing advanced 5 piece construction is currently one of the best golf balls on the market. The advanced design of the TP5 delivers both extraordinary distance and exceptional greenside control and feel.

The TP5 has multiple design features that maximizes distance. These distancing enhancing features includes a Tri-Fast Core, the design of the Tri-Fast Core delivers maximum carry and low drag which enhances distance. In addition, a new speed layer that is made up out of 4 increasingly stiff layers which enhances ball speeds is also featured in the TP5.

There is no arguing the fact that the TP5 is long, but it also offers exceptional greenside control. The Dual-Spin cover of the TP5 isn’t just very durable, it is also very soft throughout the bag. The mid compression of the TP5 ensures that players are able to compress the ball with ease in order to generate exceptional spin with your wedges.

The TP5 is a very impressive golf ball and it is almost impossible to criticize this golf ball. The only drawback about it is its premium price tag.

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Callaway Chrome Soft Review


  • Majority of Callaway sponsored players choose to play with the Chrome Soft
  • The Chrome Soft design utilizes a Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast core in order to maximize distance. The design of this Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast core delivers exceptional ball speed.
  • The Tour-Urethane cover system of the Chrome Soft delivers great greenside control and feel. This cover system is also extremely durable.
  • The Chrome Soft is extremely consistent even on off center hits, this is as a result of its design that ensures optimal compression on both center and off center strikes


  • The Chrome Soft is a premium golf ball with an advanced design. The Chrome Soft retails at an above average price point


The Chrome Soft is one of the best premium golf balls on offer. The design of the Chrome Soft focuses on maximizing distance without having to sacrifice on greenside control and feel.

The Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast core of the Chrome Soft enhances ball speeds which in return maximizes distance. The Chrome Soft compresses on both center on off center strikes, this ensures minimal distance losses on your bag shots.

The Chrome Soft offers more than just distance. The durable Tour Urethane cover system with a HEX 332 dimple pattern design offers exceptional greenside control and feel. The Chrome Soft does feature a hefty price tag, but the performance it delivers makes it worth the splurge.

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TaylorMade TP5 vs. Callaway Chrome Soft: Head to head Comparison


The distance battle was a close one between the TP5 and the Chrome Soft. The Chrome Soft with its Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast core increases ball speeds which maximizes distance but the TP5 with its Tri-Fast core and speed layer system produces distance that is unprecedented. The TP5 is the winner in this category.  

Greenside control and feel

Both the TP5 and the Chrome Soft have design features that promotes greenside control and feel. The cover system and core of both of these golf balls are responsible for this exceptional greenside control and feel. This greenside control and feel matchup is a tie.


Durability is an important factor to consider when reviewing golf balls. Both the TP5 and the Chrome Soft feature cover systems that are made out of urethane. Urethane is extremely durable and the durability matchup is also a tie.


Premium golf balls feature premium price tags and this is no different when it comes to the Chrome Soft and the TP5. Both of these golf balls have above average price tag and the price matchup is thus a tie.

TaylorMade TP5 review


TaylorMade TP5 vs. Callaway Chrome Soft: And the winner is… 

Choosing a winner in this head to head battle was no easy task. Both of these golf balls are packed with technology that promotes both distance and feel. After thoroughly reviewing and comparing both models the more advanced 5 piece construction of the TP5 just gives it the victory.

The TP5 is long, it is easy to compress, it delivers exceptional distance and it has phenomenal greenside control and feel. It might carry an expensive price tag, but it will be worth every penny when it saves you a couple of shots per round.

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